Tigerloop vs. 2 pipe vs. 1 pipe system?

bas157August 28, 2007

Pretty sure I'm replacing my oil tank in the near future with a Roth double wall tank. Currently I just have the standard oval 275 gal tank in my basement with 1 line running to the burner.

1 company said they like to install a 2 pipe system, one to the burner and another back to the tank.

The next company said they install a Tigerloop which he said is better than the 2 pipe system.

I found an article online explain why the Tigerloop is better than the 2 line system, but it was written by a VP of Westwood, who are the national distributor of the Tigerloop, so I would have to think the article could be biased.

So, which do you think is better, a 2 pipe system, 1 pipe system, or a Tigerloop, and why?



Here is a link that might be useful: Tigerloop

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I don't like two-line oil systems since they're constantly circulating oil through the filter(s), pump strainer and the oil is cold.

In situations where the return line is out of plain view like outdoor tanks, underground storage tanks or under mobile homes, the pressurized return line could leak and the system would still run so the homeowners wouldn't be alerted of an issue.

In the field many filters really are really undersized considering the amount of oil they're circulating with two line oil systems. We generally convert most two line oil systems to single line systems or install a TigerLoop and remove compression fittings, check valves bad fittings, bad flares or any other sources of vacuum leaks and potential future problems.

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If your tank is located in the vicinity and on the same floor as your burner, why do you think that you need anything more than a single line? If you're not having problems, you don't.

A tigerloop is used when your burner is much higher than the tank (one case).

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Some double-wall tank and other tank manufacturers have recommended Tigerloop or Afriso de-aerators due the the increased vacuum of suction assemblies.

"On 1-pipe systems (burner supply only) the Roth Suction Assembly will increase the vacuum on the line to 1.7" Hg. When using the Suction Assembly on 1-pipe systems we strongly recommend using an oil de-aerator such as a TigerLoop to ensure proper burner operation."

Here is a link that might be useful: Roth Installation Instructions

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Sounds good to me.

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