Luce Di Luna has a lot of honey veining

tl1969January 24, 2013

The slabs I saw yesterday were not like the ones I have seen on the forum in the finished kitchen blog. I think the veins look almost orange or rust-colored, although the stone yard considers it honey colored. Has anyone used this stone in their kitchen, and found a way to use the "honey" shade to good effect? I had my heart set on a more white and gray look for my transitional kitchen with quartzite counters and white cabinetry. But, I am thinking I might be able to tie the rust color in with my walnut countertop on my secondary island, or the paint color of the island cabinetry. Here is what I saw:

And here is a close up:

I will say the slab is strong, I was the crazy woman with a bottle of Pinot Grigio who was scratching the hell out of every slab in the stone yard. The stone guy thought I was CUCKOO!! I had to buy a full bottle of wine en route as I had forgotten to bring my glass bottle from home ;-)

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It is lovely, but take the walnut with you to see if it goes nicely. I love warm colors in the kitchen.

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It's beautiful! I never would have thought to try scratching the slabs at the yard.

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You know what? I love that! Luce de Luna is beautiful with just the gray veining but I love what the warm honey veins do to that slab. Along with the diagonal lines, it's very striking.

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Oh, a full bottle of wine for your scratch test, that is awesome. A simple Snapple bottle would have been so banal by comparison. Good for you for doing the scratch test and then having the bonus of some Pinot Grigio after a long day of stone shopping.

The honey-brown lines are quite likely iron oxide, which is the same a rust, chemically speaking. But it can be a wonderful color. Someone had the same question a few months ago and I think in the end she went for it.

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Yes she did go for it! It was me! I am the happy owner of three White Macaubas slabs, and am now in search of a good fabricator. In my thread, I referred to the brown tones as "rust" colored. I like my slabs even better now that I can think of the browns as "honey" colored! I very much like the veining in the slabs that you found. Good luck...

Here is a link that might be useful: My White Macaubas thread

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Those are beautiful!!!!! Unique stone:)

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Well, Ott2, I am in love with your kitchen plan. It looks gorgeous! What is the perimeter counter going to be?

While I do agree the Luce Di Luna is different from all the other slabs I have seen, I am not sure if the LdL is worth spending 65% more than a very pretty River White Granite I saw yesterday as well. It has really cool whites, creams, see below:

And here is the River White with three samples of Silgranite (Metallic Gray, Truffle and Anthracite)

And, should you be interested to see, here is the Silgranite sink samples with the Luce di Luna (my fave is the Truffle in the middle with this stone)

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Hi again,
My plan is to use soapstone on the perimeters and in the butler pantry. I haven't yet found the *right* soapstone, so not a done deal. My backup plan ranges from a dark granite, to pewter, to quartz. So hopefully, I'll find the *right* soapstone soon as the backup plan seems daunting.
The River White slab above is really nice! It's much less dramatic than the LdL, but no less beautiful. Tough decision when you factor in the cost.
I am working on plumbing tonight. You just changed my sink color. I had metallic gray Silgranit on my list, and I just changed it to truffle! Where did you get the samples? The samples I have are just on a heavy card stock material and the color is not so true.

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Happy to hear I could help you with your sink choice, Ott2. I contacted Blanco USA in NJ and they mailed me the chips. You can go on their website and request the silgranite via a form they have, but after a week when I had not received the samples I called them. They explained that they will not respond to your email unless you make a request for them to do so. The next day, my samples arrived.

The Metallic Gray and Anthracite sparkle, like they have shimmer in them. The Truffle is much more matte and subdued, but I think it's elegant and a gorgeous shade with the Luce di Luna.

I had also thought about the Jet Mist Antiqued yesterday. It was very pretty, resembled soapstone without the maintenance issues, and 25% less than the Luce. Check it out!

If I did the Luce di Luna just on my islands, I might splurge. And do something more solid and less expensive on my perimeter. But, I thought the wood top on my eating island would be warmer than the quartzite, and I don't think I can do three different countertops (wood, Luce di Luna, and quartz or granite) in one kitchen. ;-)

So many decisions, aargh.

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for that kind of money i'd see if they can get some slabs with less rust color. i've seen nicer quartzite. don't be enamored just because it's the most expensive choice.

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The two sides of the stones are different colors, rather than the blended look of Ott2's slabs. Left is gray, right is rust. Can you make that work in your layout? Personally I don't find that slab attractive at all.

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The LdL is very striking! But I am a River White person and can attest to its' beauty and how bullet-proof it is! The slab you are looking at is quite nice, looks like mine -- but note that a blue/green tone will likely emerge...I can see it from the photo. Ours has that same tone and it works well in our kitchen scheme.
Good luck!

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I know, Marcolo. I was so disappointed in the selection of Luce di Luna AKA White Macaubus at the first place I went to, that this slab at the second place seemed acceptable because my standards were so low at that point. But, if you are going to spend that kind of money on countertops, you want your heart to race upon seeing it. Not feel like you "will make it work."

I have a sunroom, that has a Moroccan burgundy and tan tiled dining table, and I am trying to tie together this room with the kitchen, since the wall is coming down between the two spaces. I fear the honey colored rust will clash with the burgundy.

I think the search continues...

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I decided to post a picture of the second slab I saw, and my concerns about it, to see what you guys think.

Here is the official Corporate Marketing Photo of the Lot number I saw from their website:

And here is the photo that I took, because I wanted to remember the rust color in the slab:

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Clarygrace, thank you for chiming in with the blue green undertone, I admit I did not see that in the stone yard. I think that may make it a non-contender.

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If you wanted the grey LdL I would not settle for the slab with the rusty veins. Half the slab has the beautiful grey veins and then other half the rust colored ones. To me this disparity will be hard to work with unless you don't need the whole slab and can cut out the rust. I also turned down multiple slabs of LdL because of the inconsistent rust. It took awhile but eventually some beautiful white macaubus showed up. I waited and looked for a long time. Don't feel pressured to make a decision just because that is the best they have right now. There is much nicer stuff out there.

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Clarygrace, thank you for chiming in with the blue green undertone, I admit I did not see that in the stone yard. I think that may make it a non-contender.

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I went for it too! They tried to call it a White Macaubas but looking online I found it's called Gold Macaubus or Giallo Macauba. I have custom cabinetry. Tops are painted and glazed, bottoms are stained. The rust goes well with both and the grey goes well with the stainless sink and DW and nickel hardware. The grey and gold is very versatile and there many ways you can tie in both colors. Here is a link to mine. Don't have finished pics yet, still a work in progress. I love, love your slabs. I was on the hunt for Luce di Luna for months but there were none to be found here in Miami.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gold Macauba quartzite installed!

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