Central heating room control

zagyzebraAugust 11, 2011

Is there no way to control individual room heating with central heating? I have a two-story home in temperate ocean-influenced So Cal climate. I am about to face a complete renovation on my home, and was just wondering if there was any way to prevent the downstairs from being heated when I'm upstairs, or if there is a way to control heating room by room with central heating.

It seems like such a waste to blow heat through the whole house all at once when you're only occupying say, the kitchen and living room.

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Heat pump mini-splits may be a solution. Zoned forced air is another option. It will cost you more to do zoning.

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Central heating is not a commonly used term. Are you talking forced air? Then zoning is your answer.

The thing about heating (and a/c) is that you don't really save all that much by zoning. Mostly zoning is a comfort thing like I use it to freeze our bedroom at night but our infant sleeps 10 degrees higher. It is also good for heating the living room more than say the bedrooms in general - but more for comfort than cost savings.

Now - old house in cold area - yeah you are saving some. But in SoCal - you are not talking money. You generally are spending $3-$5000 for zoning to save less than $100 a year. Probably less than $50 a year. So don't do it hoping you are going to save money.

I remember living on a boat and I think I had a little fan powered 800 watt electric heater. I mean what is the usual winter low - 50?. I would think most houses would only need heat 20 nights a year and that was because of a cloudy/smoggy day....

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Thank you for your input, David and Ionized! I do believe you are right, David, about the extra cost not being worth the meager savings. But I had to ask, right?

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