Washer getting louder!

stir_fryiApril 13, 2014

I know this is pretty vague but I have noticed my 10 year old Maytag top loader has become much louder than it used to be -- especially during the spin cycle.

It still works fine except that it seems to be thrown off balance more frequently. I had a load of undies in there the other day and came home the washer had "walked" about two feet into the room!

Is this a sign it is going to break soon???

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I've had three conventional-design Maytags in my life. Longest life was 22 years. Shortest was 14. Transmission was the culprit for all three at the end. At ten years I'll bet you're not there yet....could be wrong about that.

First thing I'd do is walk it back where you want it to be. Second thing would be make sure the feet are bearing firmly on the floor as close to equally weighted as you can get them.

Then run a load and see what you've got. I'm suspecting the legs may have come out of adjustment over time and made it impossible for the suspension components to compensate.

If that doesn't settle things down, next step would be to take off the front panel and check the suspension inside.

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