FL Washer and tankless hot water heater

mettapeaceApril 18, 2013

I purchased an LG front loader #2250. It's great except that I can't get it to wash in warm or hot settings. A technician checked it and said there's no problem with the machine. The problem is that it uses so little water, that it is not making enough of a demand on the tankless hot water heater to generate enough hot water. (When you turn on a hot water tap, it takes a few minutes for the hot water to generate and reach the faucet. If you turn the tap on and off---like the LG WM fills--the water gets cold again after each pause).

I have tried tricks like running the hot water in a near-by bathroom to bring it up through the pipes. This results in only a tepid temperature wash if I set it on "Hot." Technicians are telling me that the combination of HE FL and tankless water heater is not a good mix.

The only real solution I can think of is to install a small 2.5- 5 gallon hot water heater in the laundry room. That way, hot water will be available in the small amounts needed by the washer.

(BTW, I did also try adding a y shaped hose bib and discharge hose to run off the cold water, then close discharge valve and open washing machine valve. I tried it on "warm" wash, but the water still was cool after filling.)

Thanks for input!!

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Check around but I think LG has lowered their target default hot & warm temperature way lower.
Probably to meet or exceed government standards.

It's most likely not your tankless hot water system.

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Yes, this may be a factor. But I would expect the water to be at least warm on the hot water setting. It's more like lukewarm on hot.
Does any one have experience installing a small on-demand hot water heater for this type of problem?

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Or invest in a little money and have a hot water recirculation system installed on that line. But I also think that Georgect might have an insight there too.

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I had an LG guy come out this morning, and he said that the thermostat was causing the problem; temperature settings are lowered on the 2250 CW (CW = cold water). So looks like Georgect was correct! He said that adding a small tank water heater in laundry room wouldn't solve problem because it would be fighting the thermostat.

Suggested that I get an LG washer with on board heater and more water temp options. Fingers crossed:) I'm getting the 2650.

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I have had a tankless hot water heater with my stacked Maytag Neptunes and had plenty of warm/hot water.

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The new LG 2650 produces a hot water wash without having to go into Sanitize. Hooray! The tankless HWH seems to be working fine.

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That's great news. I thought your heater might have gotten confused by the way LG washers fill (short bursts, continous fill, short bursts. ..). Some tankless heaters don't turn on because of these bursts as the flow can be too low.


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