andi2928April 8, 2014

Has anyone ordered from this site before?

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Yes, ive ordered from them. Reasonable prices, well, you know :-) and quick shipping. I generally pay with PayPal. Make the process very quick and easy.
I order my Somat powder from, looks like the same company, same process.
I like ordering from them, no sales tax and free shipping options.

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It sure would be nice to see EPA relax its strangle hold on US manufacturers so we could get equally nice products as Persil for a fraction of the price. Why let Henkel make all the money selling what our manufacturers are not allowed? You could still allow a high enough price point to keep it profitable for the US manufacturers but affordable for our buyers but not so cheap that you have people dumping it in large quantity.
I have always believed that conservation is best achieved by price of product and the need to conserve by economics. People wont want to spend a dollar a load for detergent so they will use less product.
They will learn conservation on their own.

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Fordtech, I agree with your assertion on economics. Worked for me, lol. I was motivated to titrate my Persil dosage down to a level where the cost per load is more reasonable and I still have consistently excellent wash results. Though, I was also motivated by the environmental impact as well. Less consumption is better all round, from less raw materials demand in production to less chemical waste going down the drain.

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