Replacing HVAC at Lake House

DiogenesJrAugust 6, 2012

Hey folks, first timer here.

I have a older mobile home at Lake Texoma on the OK/TX border. It use to have a split system central AC/Furnace but the A/C died on the previous owner and he put in some window units.

The house is a about 1100 sf with a 225 sf addition on the side.

The furnace is not long for this world. I would like to get away from having a propane heater in the house, as there is always a fire concern.

What I am thinking about is installing a package heat pump system and tying it into the existing duct work after first removing the old furnace and AC coil. I have good access to the floor from underneath.

The addition would have to be supplied by a window unit as there is no duct to it.

Anybody have a suggestion as to brand or perhaps a better way of upgrading the HVAC?

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Suggest a basic level split system HP as you suggested, and a consider a minisplit heat pump on the addition. Using a minisplit would give added heat and be more energy efficient at AC cooling than a window unit. Also probably have a better warranty.

Obviously humidity will be a big concern with your cooling. Don't upsize thinking it will bring better cooling. Make sure it is sized correctly, so you will get a long enough run time to get good dehumidification. It's nice long run times that pulls out that humidity.

Mobile home systems are specifically sized to fit into their smaller utility closets. Mobile home furnaces are specially rated by UL. So you may be limited by what will fit.

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I'm not too keen on putting a split system back in place. Not a lot to choose from that will fit the small confines of the HVAC closet. Also would like to move as much of the noise outside as I can.

My thought with the package unit is that I can remove the furnace and existing A coil and run the additional duct needed this summer and fall. In early fall I can set the unit in place and wire it in. Will run new thermostat wire at the same time I run the new duct. Trying to do as much as I can myself to make it as budget friendly as I can. Right now I am looking and Rheem and Whirlpool brand packaged units. Have had a WP package unit in the past was was impressed with how it just ran and worked well all the time.

I had not considered a Mini-Split for the addition but that sounds nice. Would be quieter than what we have now and would not block the view out the window.

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