Lennox Quote vs Rheem

JustaKidAugust 12, 2011

Posted before, trying to put in a unit in a rental I own. NYC suburbs in North NJ. 1600 sqft condo, this equipment is basically what other neighbors have replaced with.

Lennox equipment.

Furnace ML180UH090P36B

Condenser 13 ACX-036-230

Air Handler CX34-36B-6F

With a crane (rooftop condenser on condo), 7.5% sales tax, and 5 year all parts warranty and 20 year heat exchanger warranty. 1 yr labor


I have a comparable bid, roughly the same equipment, but Rheem, with 3 year all labor warranty, 10 year all parts, for $5700. Posted link below to info on Rheem bid, except furnace is not teh 125,000 as quoted. Thoughts would be appreciated.


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I still don't understand why the need for so large furnace whether Rheem or Lennox.more is not better.This appears to be a big mistake in the making.

Rheem iis offering a better warranty.

I prefer Rheem over Lennox. However, I would suggest the X13 blower motor model furnace for higher efficiency than the mdl quoted.


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We are dropping down to a 90,000 furnace. The original install was a 125,000, so that led to the initial confusion. The lennox quoted is a 90,000 btu input I believe. I like teh Lennox guy better, he already services the whole condo complex, so basically my question is how big is teh difference between these brands (longevity is my main concern, not so much efficiency) and what is the likeliehood that these warranties would come in to play given regular servicing. I know there is no cyrstal ball, but id take a best guess. Thanks so much tiger, you're really helpful.

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I still believe you are being oversized. Oversizing can cause noise issues, comfort problems, short cycling, higher operating costs, and hurt the life of the furnace. I would ask dealer to perform a load calculation on heating at design temps both inside and outside. You could even perform this yourself.

Warranty differences between the quotes can not be disregarded. How much is an out of warranty service call? I have always been told that labor for NJ/NYC area was over the top.

If you are leaning toward Lennox, then ask dealer to meet the warranty for the Rheem HVAC. If Lennox, I would want the ML180E furnace.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lennox Furnaces

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