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thillajAugust 23, 2011

Hi -

First time posting. Have a 2-story 2700 sqft house in inland Southern CA (Norco). 33-year old Payne 150K BTU system blower motor is taking a dump. Could only be the run capacitor (won't know until get new cap, blower motor still runs, but at very slow speed).

Anyway, decided it's time to replace it. The condenser is only 10 years old - 5-ton SEER 12 Unitary DRCS0601CD, so going to keep it for now to cut down on costs.

I've gotten 5 quotes & trying to decide which is the best equipment.

Quote #1: $4795

Rheem RGPN10NBRJR 80% furnace

Rheem RCFAHM6024AC coil

disconnect box w/ fuses

3/8 freon filter dryer

Honeywell F100 4" filtration system

Honeywell digital prog thermostat - model not specified

Permitted & HERS rater testing

Quote #2: $3589

York TMLT100C20MP11 80% 2-stage furnace w/ 1" filter rack

ADP CV600C6 coil w/ R22 TXV

50 Amp disconnect box

2-stage SourceOne thermostat

Move condenser to edge of pad, clean, install hard start kit w/ relay

Install all new barred registers

10-year parts & labor on furnace & coil

No permit

Quote #3: $3656

Amana AMH80 80% furnace

Aspen CE60D44-210L coil w/ R22 TXV

Honeywell HW6000 Thermostat

Filter Rack w/ lifetime electrostatic filter

Condenser cleaning, tuneup & install Hardstart Kit


10 year parts & labor

No permit

Quote #4: $4150

Trane TUD2C100A9602A 2-stage furnace

Trane 13 SEER matching coil

Digital Thermostat

Disconnect box

Permitted & Duct-testing

Quote #5: $5995

Goodman GMH80905CX 2-stage furnace

Aspen CE60D44210L004 coil

4" filter base

Honeywell 6000 thermostat

3 Bar-type intake grills

Disconnect box

Filter dryer

Condenser cleaning, hard start kit

10 year parts & labor

Not too concerned about electrical efficiency - have 4800kV solar cell system. More concerned about reliability & labor warranty.

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That York quote is cheap. There equipment is fine too and 2-stage is nice. And it gives 10 years parts and labor. I would go with that.

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first before I comment on the quotes, I want to understand your strategy.

You plan to keep existing outside AC condenser but replace the evap coil thereby having a mismatched condenser and evap coil?

At the very least, I would want a two stg 80% eff var speed furnace with rated blower size you require. I will never recommend a third party coil that is quoted in York, Amana, and Goodman quotes.

Post back.


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Yes, I want to keep the outside condenser & when it craps out in the future, just replace the R22 TXD.

I thought that the Aspen coil was generally superior to the furnace mfr one - I am insisting on a 10-year labor.

I'm leaning towards the AMANA AMH8 quote. I realize that it's not really a true 2-stage controlled by the thermostat, but operates on a algorithm. When I brought that up, he offered a Honeywell 4000. The 10-year parts & labor would be thru Aspen.

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That would not be my strategy.

I want a true two stage var speed furnace with correct rated blower.
I want a good two stg thermostat.

If keeping existing AC and It is working OK, I would keep existing coil. Then when it goes, purchase a 13-15 SEER AC with matching evap coil all for 410 refrigerant.

I will not recommend 3rd party coil; they are a mistake except in certain situations.

I would ask York dealer for upgrade price to the two stg var speed mdl.

I am attaching link.


Here is a link that might be useful: York TM8V furnace

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I too would avoid installing a new R410A condenser with an existing R22 coil a few years down the road. It's not easy to flush out all of the residual mineral oil that will remain in the coil -- if not impossible to remove it all. Mineral oil and R410A don't mix, and you don't want to contaminate a new system down the road. Unless the coil is leaking (in which case you could replace the coil at this point, but should plan on replacing the coil again when a new outdoor unit is required), I would keep the current coil matched to the condenser you're keeping and replace both the coil and condenser when the condenser fails, as TD suggested. I also recommend the TM8V furnace with variable speed motor. Here's a link to an article on the importance of variable speed motors -- a bit technical but reasonably comprehensible.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://contractingbusiness.com/columnists/falke/variable_speedfans0324/

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Thanx for the feedback.

It would be a R410A coil with a R22 TXD. Supposedly it wouldn't be a problem flushing it. The present coil is NOT matched to the condenser right now Payne 60CC-8 to a Unitary DRCS0601CD.

Supposedly YORK dealer can't get the TM8V thru his distributor - US Air Conditioning Distributors here in Southern CA. He suggested the YPLC, but that's being discontinued.

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Stand by my last post and recommendation..

Can't imagine why a York authorized dealer can not get the VS model furnace.

Not stuck on York but do recommend a two stg VS 80% eff mdl with two stg thermostat like HW mdl #8321.


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I just installed a YPLC this past friday. I havent heard anything about it being discontinued. Very nice unit i must say for the price, especially the full modulating gas valve. I was impressed with the short cabinet height and overall construction. My helped dropped a screw into the blower compartment and i was dreading having to pull the huge circuit board off the unit to get to the blower assembly but to my suprise, the blower slid all the way out without having to remove a single wire. Also, the regional settings on the circuit are very nice. Dry climate, humid, and so forth. I would recomend not using the coil they quoted you and insted usings the York MC full cased coil.

Hope this helps

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Misspoke, York has discontinued the YP8C and has upgraded the YPLC to the -12C series from -11C with changes to control board & gas valve

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