Scoop in Persil Universal Powder?

rosesarkApril 17, 2010

I am trying the box of Persil Universal Powder that i ordered and there is no scoop in it. Is this normal? I also take it that it being Universal that it can be used on all wash and in front loaders too? I was just surprised at the absence of the scoop to measure. I have soft or med soft water, so it says to use 100ml, but reading the posts, i have only put 1-2 tablespoons in my top loader, and have only done one wash so far.

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If you have a US style large capacity machine (4.0+ cuft), I don't see how 1-2 TBS could possibly be enough. Persil Universal Megaperls, which is more concentrated than your version, recommends 3 TBS for the lightest soiled load in soft water conditions. You're saying 100 ml which is 6.75 TBS. Even half of that is just over 3 TBS.

If you start to notice dingy whites and mildew odor in either your clothing or the machine, it may be time to increase the dosage. I am on a whole house softener, so the hardness of my water is ZERO. I use 2 TBS for a half load in my Miele W4842 (4.0 cuft / 8 kg) and 3-4 TBS for a full load. The recommendation on the box is 45 ml plus an additional 45 ml for a full 6-7 kg machine. That's a total of 6 TBS, so I use half that and am getting great results. Sometimes if I want to add a tablespoon of percarbonate, I cut the detergent to 2.5 TBS because the one tablespoon of percarbonate will break down into sodium carbonate (washing soda) and hydrogen peroxide. The washing soda part takes the place of the removed detergent.

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The Persil powder used to come with a scoop, but it was a sort of flimsy green plastic thing, and I think they discontinued including it some time ago. i never used it, I simply pitched it and used my own measure.

While I think Persil is economical to use in a front loader, I doubt the same would be true in a top loader, which uses far more water in a typical wash cycle.

I think the term "universal" is referring to the load type, not the washer type, e.g.; colored synthetics as well as white cottons. While I'm sure Persil Universal will work very well in a top loader, you'll need to use significantly more product to bring the level of detergent concentration up to the same level that you'd get in a front loader, which utilizes much less water during the wash cycle.

One of the major premises behind the more efficient cleaning in a front loader is that you're tumbling clothes through a relatively small pool of water highly concentrated with detergent. To get the same level of concentration in a top loader utilizing many more gallons of water -- a lot more detergent per load will be required.

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To answer the original question...

Universal Powder contains an oxygen bleach, and while it can be used on heavily soiled/stained colored laundry, over time it will fade these fabrics.

A good starting point for this product in front load washer is a 1/4 of a cup (US).

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Persil Universal powder also contains "optical brighteners" which, in my experience are the real culprits in fading dark and brightly-colored clothes.

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1/4 cup = 4 TBS so I think that's a good starting point.

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1ML = 1CC

I have several scoops saved from canisters of oxybooster and powdered drink mix. They're labeled 29.6CC which is 2 tablespoons.

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sorry everybody, i don't know why i wrote Top Loader. I have a Front Loader. I tried 3 tablespoons today and did notice a difference, especially my towels came out of the dryer fluffy again!!! I think having used Tide, and when i put 1 tablespoon, i would see suds, then when i increased it to 2Tbl, then i would have to extra rinse, and sometimes do a rinse and spin. I use Tide HE with a Samsung 448, 4.5cu.ft. For some reason this machine likes to make lots of suds, so of course, i freak out. I have to say that so far, i do like the Persil, and want to get the Megapearls Color. Should it be liquid, Gel or powder? I also have been keeping it in garage to get away from the smell of Persil.

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>and want to get the Megapearls Color. Should it be liquid, Gel or powder?

Megaperls are tiny clumps of powder, so it does not exist a gel/liquid Megaperls formula

However there are some liquid/gel Persil Color formulas

Here is a link that might be useful: to have a clue check here

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Get the powdered Persil Color. In an overloaded and/or poorly rinsing washer, powder can leave residue on dark clothes. Liquid detergent won't do that but it won't clean clothes as well, either. If you don't overstuff your machine, you'll be fine.

Look here for a comparison of powder vs. liquid Persil Color. It's a test from our consumer magazine from 2007.

By the way, I don't know what Google Translator means with "Environmental self-cuff" but, translated by myself, the original (German) text read "Environment properties". This basically means: how much of a burden on the environment is the detergent?


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Alright.. I see I will need to give some more proper translations!

If you click on Details under Wash Effect

- Schmutzentdistance = dirt removal
- Fleckentdistance = stain removal

If you click on Details under Textile Conservation

- Protection against staining = protection against color run / bleeding
- Hue receipt = color preservation

If you click on Details under Environmental Self-Cuff

- waters load = how hard are the ingredients to remove from the waste water

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liquid does clean better, but I use Megapearls Color for towels because it rinse much much better with our soft water...

I also use Color liquid to clean denim jeans, get ALL the strains and soil out even at 30C cold water! and the denim jeans keep with all its color... amazing! !

Universal is not my cup of tea...

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Thanks, Whirlpool Trainee and of course Hidroman. I also would like to try the Ariel detergent i saw, as you know i don't care for the smell of Persil. It does have a lighter scent after i wash with it, but not light enough for me, so it still bothers me, but it works so well that i keep using it. I will have to check out the Ariel ingredients to see if it's the same as or as agood as Persil. I thank everyone who responds to my posts. I saw on a web site of Persil that they will ship you a detergent dispencer if requested, but will only ship in Europe!! I like using my tablespoon, that way i can be more precise.

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If this helps. You can go to any dollar store in USA and find a small plastic 1 cup measure cup. Most of those have ml measures too and are small enough to fit in most detergent boxes. At least it will help you dose correctly and take some of the guess work out of it.

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My boxes of Persil came with a scoop buried way down in the middle. It's rectangular-ish and looks more like a parallelogram than a round scoop.

I use 1/4 cup, which is 50 ml. It seems to do the trick for normal loads.

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