Washing a king size comforter

corky1_2008April 11, 2014

I have a Maytag Bravo top loader. My king size comforter easily fits in the tub but becomes unbalanced. Any ideas? Would a front loader handle this sort of load better?

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Yes, frontloaders are better for these items.

Regards to the Bravos, are you using the designated Bulky Items cycle (if the machine has one)?

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Yes, I use the bulky setting. Occasionally things go well but most of the time the load becomes unbalanced and the machine moves several inches.

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we have a king comforter and it is no problem for our 4.3 cu samsung 520 washer.

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I have a video on youtube on how to load this into a front loader. Check it out and try using this method and see if this will work with your unit.

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cleanteamofny...where the heck have you been?
Nice to see you here again, I feel it's been a long time.

Buy the way, when are you going to make another Electrolux video.
I love your videos, it's be cool to see another cycle do it's thing.

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And here is THE LINK to said video. ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Washing my king size comforter

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No matter what machine you own, there WILL be something you have that you'd like to wash in it that just won't go. No relief.

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gwarstong, we haven't had that experience. our largest comforter fits just fine. and there are now even larger washers on the market than our Samsung 520 which orginally was rated at 5.0 cu. ft, but was reclassified to 4.3 at some point (I've no idea why they changed the rules, or exactly when that occurred).

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georgect, my pc been down for a few days and my ISP upgraded my modem and been down since Friday.
All is well on this end and the Lux is chugging along with one minor problem. A small rip in the boot which does not effect the wash and spin cycles. It's at the 10:00 position and I have the replacement boot waiting to be installed one of these days......

The system clean cycle does tell us when to refresh the machine which is noted in the manual after 50 wash cycles, but the manual never tell us that we can do it manually by going through preference option (the hidden cycle).

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