Miele owners: two more questions

NorthlutApril 28, 2012

We went and looked at machines today, and overall are pretty happy with the Mieles (W4842 and T9822). But I have two questions.

First, one thing that seemed strange to me is that it doesn't appear to have a way to do "air dry" (totally non-heated air circulation). Is that really true? I see the "15 min cold" option, which might be air dry, but neither of the sales guys at the stores we went to knew for sure. And it seems odd that it's limited to 15 minutes. Can you push the button repeatedly to get longer cycles, or would I have to come back to the machine every 15 minutes to start it again? I actually do long air dries quite a bit, mostly on stuff that you're technically not supposed to put in the drier. I've found it to be pretty effective at drying things without damage, though of course it takes a year and a half. I think I'd miss having that, but maybe it's not a big deal.

Second, one of the sales guys claimed that each machine needs its own outlet because the plugs are so big that they block the other outlet. This is with the gas dryer, so 110VAC for both machines. The other sales guy said he hadn't heard of that. Only one of the stores actually had the machines on the floor, and they were arranged such that we couldn't get to the back to see the plugs. Is this really true?

In general both stores seemed happy to sell them, but also didn't seem to like the fact that the delivery and installation goes through Miele. I personally see that as a good thing, but I can see their perspective.

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Hi Northlut, I have the W4842 and T9822 (in Canada).

The 15 min cold is the air dry option. I use it quite a bit too. I usually let my things air dry for the 15 minutes and then hand to dry after that. I get nice wrinkle free items this way. You cannot extend the time - it is 15 minutes.

The dryer does have settings though for items like woolens which work very well.

When my laundry room was built a few years ago, the electricians built it with an outlet for each appliance separately (this was before I had the Mieles so I assume it's proper to have a separate outlet for each). They are plugged into different outlets and the plugs do look like they need to be separate (they are shaped so that it would not be possible to have two together I believe).

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It is the 'air dry' and that is the only way to get it. You have to restart the "15 minutes cold" button every fifteen minutes. Not a deal-breaker for me because I never used 'air dry' much on our old conventional dryer. The Delicates + Gentle option is fairly low temp.

I mostly use the 15-min Cold after a cycle has finished but there might be a few pieces with some damp spots.

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Thanks. I think I can live with the 15 minutes cold feature. The laundry room may actually have two outlets, I'm just not sure. We're in escrow on the house, and I didn't think to check on that when we were there for the inspection. We won't actually be ordering until after closing anyway, so I'll have a chance to check for sure.

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