Smell gone from LG washer! Thanks whirlout

Front_loadApril 11, 2011

After noticing a gradual increasing smell coming from my 4yr old 2377 LG washer, I did some research on here on how to get rid of the smell and I noticed some have tried whirlout. Note I usually wash with cold water, and always leave the door open after a wash. I thought I would share what seemed to work for me.

I first ran a couple tub clean cycles as directed with bleach and that didn't seem to work.

So I went to home depot to get some whirlout as I see a few people have tried it. I discovered a trick to get a better clean during the tub clean cycle:

1. I selected the tub clean cycle and put some whirlout directly in the tub. I noticed that after about (8-12mins) of the water being full in the tub, it drained all the water out again without much agitation of the drum (prewash section I guess)

2. After I saw the tub was drained out from the prewash, I paused the cycle and put some more whirlout in the tub. After it filled the tub again with water this is where it did an actual wash cycle and really got the whirlout mixing. I could see all the suds etc getting sloshed around so i knew it was washing the tub.

3. After the tub clean cycle was done I ran a normal cycle without any clothes in it (along with extra rinse setting) to make sure the whirlout was cleaned out of the washer prior to washing any clothes.

The smell seems to be gone now. For me (at least with my model) it seemed key to add more whirlout once the initial drain happens in the tub clean cycle. This ensures everything got saturated and cleaned properly.

Other products might work just as well (like affresh etc) I think the key is to make sure your product doesn't drain out with the initial prewash section of the tub clean cycle so it stays for the wash cycle while the drum is really agitating.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Smelly washing machine?

great tutorials for FL's on their site including this one.

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Here is the LG instructions, that do mention Whirlout

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