Bosch Axxis installation question...HELP!!!

fpmomApril 25, 2013

To the very helpful Bosch Axxis owners who are savvy about the installation!
When we moved in to our new home a year ago I had an electrolux w/d installed in to a closet (albeit a large one designed for a laundry - large in that it goes back a good way but not wider than the w/d... this is relevant because it means I can not get behind to see what plugs etc are in there)
I know there was a new powerpoint put in (it was renovated just before we moved in) but only one since there is a gas connection for the dryer and therefore I have no idea how many prongs or what voltage though I have been told by different people that it would be a 4 prong since it was recently put in
Now I am replacing the electrolux with the Bosch Axxis w/d so I need one powerpoint that has 4 prongs (correct???) but 220V???
My question is - am I to assume that if just one powerpoint was put in for the washer that it's prob not 220V and I need an electrician to add one? Any work around?
The difficulty being that I need the electrolux picked up, prob a 220V powerpoint put in by an electrician and the new Bosch w/d installed and I am trying to avoid the cost of 2 trips to pick up and un-install the gas dryer and then a trip to deliver and install the Bosch after the electrician has been (I need to pay for pick up and new installation separately)
I hope this doesn't sound too crazy and a Bosch Axxis owner can help/advise (!)

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I am an ex Axxis owner. However, I am no electrician. lol. You do need to a 220V plug for this washer and dryer setup. A standard 110 outlet will look like any normal, everyday plug. Electrolux washers run on 110V. An electric dryer will need 220V. A 220v usually has a 3 or 4 prong outlet, but its a much larger outlet, and the head of the cord is much larger (maybe try to Google dryer outlet plug images, to give you an idea). Chances are that a gas dryer only used a 110v plug. So, it is possible that you will have to have the 220 installed by an electrician. The Axxis is well worth the efforts. 11 years later, and it is still working daily. I hope this helps, even a little.

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Thanks so much Miele - that's what I thought... hmmmm going to be a 2 day job I think to get the electrolux out, electrician in and then axxis installed properly unless I am the master coordinator to do it all at once...why do these installers charge so much????

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