Miele Laundry Products at Costco!

mieleformeApril 25, 2011

No.... not really, but isn't it a good idea? I think that's one retailer that could pull it off. They aren't too big but big enough 400+ stores. Costco carries a lot of nice stuff opposed to places like Sears or any hardware stores. Unfortunately I don't think the volume of Miele sales would be sufficient for Costco to carry the line. O well, would be cool however.

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I don't believe that Miele's legal department will take too kindly to this thread's title.

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Miele legal will just have to get over it. Not against the law to dream a little dream, is it?

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I think Miele legal has better things to do. In fact, I doubt any one from Miele ever looks at these forums. As much as I'd like to think they do, I doubt it. But just incase!

Dear Miele & Henkel:

We the people would like to see Miele laundry products and Persil detergent at Costco.


Big Dreamer

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Miele and Persil are far to niche to be at Costco (IMHO).

But thanks for getting me excited with that subject line :(

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I think there's a far better chance of seeing those products in Costco than seeing Miele's legal department even give a second glance to the title!

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Miele vacuum cleaners are already available at Costco... Why not washers?

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I just think Costco would be the perfect place for Miele to enter the mainstream market. Miele products will always remain as niche but they could also become much more available. BMW's are niche products but everyone has them these days, almost too common if you ask me. Problem is as of now few people can go the store and pick one up or have simply never heard of Miele. Price is no longer the biggest concern. Fifteen years ago, before front loaders became so common here in North America, we never paid more than say, $700 for a washer. In fact I think you could get a top of the line set for about a grand. Well things change and now, most top of the line washers are well over that. If Miele could incorporate a sales and service network with Costco they would have more business than they could handle. I could see it now, a medium size section under the big warehouse racks with the red background and the silver Miele sign hanging. Washers and dryers on display with the cutaway views to see the quality internal parts, a touch of fancy lighting, maybe even a Miele sales rep to make appearances once or twice a month in all of the stores. Of course Miele would have to offer a better price or extended warrantee for Costco to even consider this, just to sweeten the Costco offerings like they do with everything else. However, if they ever through a Kirkland badge on there I would take issueâ¦:)

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Ugh...threw that is.

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