mugs and glasses in a drawer?

mikomumJanuary 15, 2011

I'm trying to figure out where to store everyday glasses and mugs (the not so pretty yet sentimental ones). I have no problem putting the kid-friendly tupperware cups etc in drawers but how does that work for glass/ceramic? We don't have a ton of uppers but we do have a lot of drawers. Our wineglasses will have a separate home and many of our handmade mugs and tea bowls that we use daily will be on open shelving above the coffee/tea area to the left of the dishwasher.

Does anyone keep these things in a drawer or two?

This is a rough but fairly final plan. Thank you!

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Peg board like organization in deep drawer.

Stackable cups and glasses.

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I have my glasses in one drawer and mugs in another. In fact, all my dishes are in drawers. I don't use dividers. Wine glasses in uppers. No problems at all. Love the dishes, glasses in drawers. If I had more room, I'ld put my wine glases there also.

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Also for open shelving there are stackables that come in their own cup stack container.

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Here are my shorter glasses/kids cups in a drawer (under flatware, above plates). I don't find I need anything to keep them in place:

Here are my mugs in my corner pullout shelf under the coffee maker:

My overflow taller glassware and wine glasses are in an upper cabinet:

I love having the glasses and mugs lower down where the kids can reach them; it is much more convenient.

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That's wonderful! Thank you! I think that just made my planning much easier.

Honeychurch, love it! It's always a relief to know what will work for families (ours are 4&6). Do you have soft close on your drawers? I'd think that was a must?

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You don't need soft close.

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I have a cushy liner in my glass drawer. Glasses sit in there on their rims and they never budge. I do have soft-close drawers, but I don't know that it would matter.

I don't know that it would work as well for stemware, and I have those stored elsewhere.

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My boys are 7, 10, and 15. I do have soft close and I am glad for it on my glasses drawer and my plates drawer in particular--I believe the kids would be shaking things up in there a lot more if they were capable of slamming a drawer shut! :-)

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I have one drawer with my large, clear acrylic cups and on top of each of them I have a large plastic cup (4 for a buck at WalM..t) type, so I can double stack them upside down. This way, I literally have 24 cups that way, plus a few plastic tumblers w/lids for the g'kiddos in the same drawer. I use a foam type mesh, slide-free liner because sometimes teens do not put in completely dry glasses and I wanted there to be a bit of an air gap and the cups not right on the wood. I don't need any spacers. They have never fallen over in 5 1/2 years. Ever. All other crystal or glassware are in the upper cabinets, organized. I have so many types of glassware. I don't have soft close drawers either. Why not? Doggone cabinet maker $rewed me there. I paid him ... well, that's in another thread!

PS, the majority of my kitchen lowers are DRAWERS and they are AWESOME!!!!!

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I'm a drawer lover from way back---my Mom designed her large 'European' kitchen when I was 4 and everyone told her she would regret putting big pot drawers in since they would surely break in a few years. Thirty some years later they still behave like brand new!

Has anyone lined their drawers in cork? I think that might be a nice way to trim out RTA drawers and protect them from damp dishwasher offerings.

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Brad Edwards

Thank yall for the pictures. It really helped me think drawers for daily glasses won't be bad. At first I was thinking no way, but now I am thinking they'll be right by the fridge vs walking across an island and to boot mugs will take up less valuable cabinet space. Thanks

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My MIL has hers in a 4 drawer base. She had wooden dividers (like you would have for utensiles, but did them width not lengthwise. The cups are secured in rows. She has one for cups and one for shorter glasses. They don't use tall glasses, but it would work in the third drawer down. She has all drawers and no uppers.

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