My Frigidaire LC-3 Stackable Washer/Dryer

justjeffbApril 18, 2013

I own a Frigidaire stackable washer/dryer (Model LC-3). Given its age, I'm wondering if it is worth repairing. If so, the dryer seems to work fine, but the washer needs the following parts.....
Part #633949 - DRIVE PULLEY
Part #634699 - PARALLEL CABLES - which were "mangled" when the Drive Pulley (above) disintegrated!!
Reference Manual (perhaps, a universal one!?)

I believe these are the only parts I need, but I'm not sure that they are even available anymore. It is a very old unit and my understanding is that Frigidaire doesn't have parts for the LC-3 anymore. If I decide to repair it, can you recommend any websites from which I might purchase the parts needed? I'm wondering if I can get some "after market" or used parts. Please let me know and thanks for your help.
Jeff B.

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I can't find these part numbers anywhere.

How old is the washer/dryer set?

If it's more than 10-15 (or more) years old it may be time to replace.

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That sounds really old. I can relate to your problem. I had a 30+ year old one-piece stacked W/D that finally died. After much research I bought a Whirlpool FL set. What a difference! Sometimes new things can be better than the old ones.

If you can afford it I recommend getting a new set that meets you particular needs. Your clothes will be very happy.

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Is there a GM or General Motors reference near the Frigidaire logo? That would indicate an older model, and I have a repair manual for them. Frigidaire has changed hands twice since then, first to WCI and then Electrolux, with the designs completely overhauled each time.

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I used to work for Frigidaire/WCI/Electrolux as a service tech. If I remember correctly the LC-3 washer/dryer was built from the early 1970's up to around 1985 so it's around 28 to 40 years old.
These units used a double cable around a clutch and attached to a rod to make the agitator work. I think parts have not been available for around 10 years now.

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