Thought I would share my laundry/mudroom update...

ailene54April 9, 2014

I posted over in decorating too because I asked them for ideas for hanging the curtains. Originally I planned on having cabinets installed, dryer vent boxed, walls painted and a new floor, but was surprised at the prices I was given. This room is off my kitchen, opens to both side yard and garage. During the summer because of the pool we use this as an entrance for guests too. The only thing not finished is the ceiling drying rack, which should be here soon. Thought you may like to see my before and after pictures....I'm very happy with how it came out!

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I love the fabric surrounds. Did you sew all those items? It make it look so organized and cohesive. Very well done. I would love to see the drying rack in action when you get that installed.

Thanks for sharing your new functioning space.

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It looks great! I love the baskets and it's so tidy and attractive. I really love the way you hid the dryer exhaust. That's very imaginative. Great job, I'm impressed!!!
Thanks for sharing!

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It looks wonderful, so neat and tidy and everything matches perfectly. :)

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Big improvement on a small budget. What is the brand/source of the ceiling drying rack?

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She did share the brand on the link below. It is at the end of the list, as of this time. Its a Greenway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drying Racks in Laundry Room

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Enduring, as soon as I get the laundry rack up, I will post so you can see. I haven't figured out if it's possible to get the 6 rod rack, or if I have to settle for the 3 rod. As far as the seams, two of them I sewed by hand, first I tried glue that came out horrible, I'm sure I used to much and it bleed thru. I wound up using heat bond which worked out great.

Gr8day, thanks for the kind words. I hated looking at the dryer vent made me cringe when guests came into my house from the pool into that room.

Diane the rack is from Greenway. Thanks for the kind words, figured out the update cost 375, the fabric I purchased was regularly 50 /yard, I got it on sale for 10

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can anyone else see pictures? all I see is a very washed out pic that looks like drying rack maybe.

Very interested to see these.

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pprioroh, I see 9 pics in the OP entry and one pic in the entry immediately above your post.

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Thanks. I see them now. must have been some image blocker at work....

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