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arceeguyApril 8, 2013

Hi folks,

It looks like my 1980's vintage Maytag "dependable care" washer may finally need to be replaced. The transmission locked up last night after it filled and started agitating. Over the years, I have only had to replace a pump because an underwire from a bra chewed up the impeller and maybe a couple of belts because it wasn't spinning heavy loads dry.

I am hesitant to buy a High Efficiency washer because nobody I know who has one really likes them. They are complicated, unreliable, and how can a machine that needs to be "cleaned" with special chemicals do a good job cleaning your clothes if there's that much filth left in it.

It looks like even conventional top load agitator style washers have fallen victim to government regulations and are not cleaning like the older models and the mechanisms are not as robust.

My question is if the current crop of Maytag commercial washers use the same mechanism (or better) than my old dependable care. I don't mind paying more, if I know I will get clean clothes and reliable operation.

I guess another option would be to replace the transmission on my current machine - if they are even still available. (I haven't checked)

Thanks for any help and advice!

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Yes, transmissions are available, but they aren't the old-style "long-stroke" (aka pitman) transmissions (unless you can find one somewhere). The replacement is the newer-style orbital transmission which has a faster/shorter agitation stroke. The agitator must be replaced to match, the larger fins on the old-style agitator cause too much drag on the newer transmission.

Current Maytag coin-op washers are of the Whirlpool direct-drive transmission design. They're no longer produced for consumer household models, but still for Whirlpool- and Maytag-branded coin-op toploaders. As I recall, the "issue" with them may be that the default rinse is a low-fill unless a modification is done.

Also a possibility to find a local independent-type repair service to look into fixing the existing transmission ... it can be done, although the cost may be high.

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Are the newer style orbital transmissions as durable as the old style transmissions? If so, that may be an option.

I am disappointed to hear that the current commercial mechanism is the same as the former consumer mechanism. That just tells me that the current consumer machines are more than likely not that durable, or the commercial units are not really that special other than the coin slide mechanism.

I am guessing that even if I buy a commercial washer, it'll have the same "low fill" rinse as the consumer models. I did a little research and it doesn't seem that difficult to modify the machine to use the wash fill sensor for the rinse cycle. I used to repair appliances 25+ years ago, before all this "High Efficiency" hogwash and am a electronics tech - so voiding the warranty is not a problem..... When I was repairing them, Whirlpool washers used a belt drive transmission and a "wig wag" solenoid to shift modes. Maytag "dependable care" machines were a lot simpler and more reliable. They were the reason why the Maytag repairman was so lonely. Whirlpool/Kenmore was a money maker. Bad wig-wags, wiring and fried spin clutches.

Funny how I have to pay $800+ for a machine that probably cost $400 just a few years a ago. (minus the coinslide mechanism) It looks like the Whirlpool coin op machines are a little less than the Maytags - so if they are the same machine, it looks like a new Whirlpool may be in my future. I don't know how my wife is going to like the lack of being able to manually control the cycles with a dial.

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Ah Ha!

I found this Whirlpool commercial model GCAM2792TQ. Direct drive, commercial model and non-metered with an old fashioned mechanical timer. $599

I think we have a winner!

Do you think this is a suitable replacement for the old Maytag?


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