Thumping noise in LG DLE 5977 dryer

mcwinwiApril 25, 2006

Does anyone else have a thumping noise in their LG dryer?

I recently purchased the LG 2277 washer and matching DLE 5977 dryer. The dryer makes a very loud thumping noise for 30-45 seconds after initial start-up. LG service replaced the rollers which did not help. LG then replaced the dryer, telling me the thumping was fixed with "harder rollers" on later models. The new dryer has the same problem and LG's latest solution is to replace the rollers again.

According to some threads on this site, LG uses soft roller material which helps the dryer run quieter. However, this material develops flat-spots when the dryer sits. The noise does go away after the dryer warms-up, but returns each time the dryer is started cold. I do not feel this is right in what LG advertises as a "quite operation" dryer. I also have a hard time believing that replacing the rollers again will help.

Except for this issue, I like the washer and dryer and would like to try and find a solution to the dryer noise rather than returning the pair. Any help would be appreciated!

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Wow, that is quite an issue. I wonder if any other LG dryer owners have experienced the same thing. You'd think we would have heard of this from disgruntled owners that have also heard the "thump". Maybe you are the first.

How loud is the sound? How soon do the rollers heat up to cause the sound to go away?

I also do not believe a "quiet" operation dryer should start out so noisy. Have you considered turning the dryer in for something else?

I also wonder what technology other dryer manufactuers are using to avoid this problem. My dryer does not thump like that.

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The noise sounds like two heavy shoes are in the dryer. It goes away in a minute or two after warm-up, but returns each time it is started cold.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this problem with an LG dryer and what was done to solve it.

LG replaced the rollers in the first dryer and the factory serviceman admitted that LG knows about the problem, but cannot seem to make rollers hard enough to resist getting flat spots. He said if they were made harder, they would not get flat spots but would be noisy all the time.

LG then replaced the dryer and had me follow a curious procedure to run the dryer on high for one hour (empty) to "cure" the rollers. This did no good and the new dryer is just as bad as the first one.

Does anyone else have this problem with their LG dryer? The model is DLE 5977 and I've only had it a couple of months.

Other than this noise, I'm happy with the 2277 washer and the 5977 dryer. It is frustrating that a brand new (and expensive) dryer sold as "quiet" is much louder than the 20 year old GE dryer it replaced.

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This was addressed in one of the LG threads. I have the same dryer and it does the same thing. Apparently the rollers are made of some silicone-type material that softens when it heats up, cushioning the drum while it spins to reduce noise and wear on the shocks (or something to that effect). When they cool off they get hard again and it creates a flat spot where they stopped, and when they heat up again they soften. One solution that was presented was to use a lower heat setting when drying, but it really isn't a manufacturing defect or safety hazard.

In short, there's really nothing wrong with the dryer and there's nothing to worry about--just get past the first 30 seconds or so.

Hope that helps!

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Sorry, I didn't read thoroughly--but yes, that's what's going on. I found it disconcerting at first, but I've had the set for 6 months now and after the first 20 seconds or so it's a non-issue. I never thought about placing a service call--my previous dryer was noisier than my LG.

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Has anyone tried this to see if it quiets the "thump until warm up"?

When you start using the washer to wash the clothes, reach into the dryer and spin the tub some to move the flat spots on the rollers. Maybe by the time it's time to dry the clothes, the flat spots will have fluffed up a little.

I'm just trying to see if this might help a little.

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Sounds a bit like turning a crank to start your car -- what century are we in?


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This is indeed a known issue in LG dryers. Mine does the same thing. Instead of contacting LG, I contacted an LG authorized serviceman. He advised me that replacing the rollers would still make the same noise. The LG techs that he spoke with (these are REAL techs, not the bozos that the consumer talks to) said that the problem can be minimized by selecting the Wrinkle Care option. After the drying cycle is over, Wrinkle Care will tumble the clothes 5 revolutions or so, every 10 minutes. This keeps the rollers round as they are cooling down. It does help, as mine still thumps on start-up, but not for nearly as long. I have come to accept this as a small price to pay for a superb dryer.

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Thank you feetr2c. Sounds like you were able to reach some good people at LG who at least told you the truth about the problem. I'll try wrinkle care and will likely lean toward accepting the noise.

It still bothers me that they put so much technology into this dryer but somehow the roller issue slipped past LG engineers. My 20 year old GE dryer was far quieter.

Thanks again for your quality feedback.

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I'm experiencing the same problem when the dryer is empty or if there is a small load. If the dryer has a large load the noise isn't noticeable. Just took delivery of my dryer 3 days ago.

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Man - where was this message board BEFORE I bought my LG washer/dryer set?? My wife and I did considerable research, including following Consumer Reports "Best Buy" guide. I've had nothing but issues with the set: WM2277HS (washer) & DLE5977S (dryer.) We've only had them for ~6 months and they've been serviced 2x already... and we're calling in again today for both! The washer has begun leaking around the seal of the front loading door, the dryer sounds like it's got bowling balls in it (even though it's labeled as "ultra quiet"), and both of them continually become unbalanced on their stands... I'm so happy that we sprung for the extended warranty, which I usually oppose, as I get the feeling we'll be getting our moneys worth!

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This forum has been around since before you bought your set. However, for every LG owner with issues like yours there is someone asserting that they will last 20 years, and it is always easy to imagine that you will be one of the lucky ones.

Keep the metal around and below the door seal dry, since if it starts to rust LG will deny that it is covered by the warranty. (They did this to someone else on this forum with amachine around the same age as yours.) - DR

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I have similar problems with my LG Tromm DLE3777W dryer. The noise is very loud, never goes away. It sounds like there are only two boots in the dryer.

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Yes, my WM2277HS (washer) was savaged after 3.5 years after the A&E Factory Service's 2 fixing attempts burned two electronic control boards, and 1 electronic power board. The tech does not want to spend more time & money to look into the issue (original issue: washer stopped working with burning spell). The extended guaranty company pro-rated the remaining lifge of washwer, and gave me a check. I purchased the top-load Whirlpool Cabrio washer.
Yes, LG DLE 5977 dryer is having this noise, and it is getting worst in last few weeks. I have two months left on the extended guaranty. The drum is not cracked by looking, and it must be the rollers.

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