Smithsonian Magazine Food Issue

sushipup1May 25, 2012

Just got my Smithsonian June issue in the mail (yes, I still get a paper copy, and I read every page, too). It's their first Food Issue, and it looks like every page will be a feast!

Articles include "How the Chicken Conquered the World", "The Perfect Egg", "The Unified Theory of Gumbo", "Salts of the Earth", "Sur La Table" about Julia Child's kitchen table, "Heaven on the Half Shell", "A Wine and a Prayer", "Can Technology Save Breakfast?", plus a lot of other articles on other subjects.

Check it out!

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Got it.....haven't read it yet....
but I have never been disappointed in anything Smithsonian has done....ever.

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I still get a number of publications in hard copy. I pass them along to my mother and/or hospitals, rest homes, etc. for others to enjoy. Nothing wrong with that.

I read yesterday on CNN that the Times Picayune in NOLA is reducing publications to three newspapers per week. Oh my!

As Bob Dylan - another Minnesota native sang "The times they are a changin'."

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Thanks Helene, I tossed our copy on the counter but took a closer look after your post! Love the 'Henry the VIII' look on that chicken.

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All the photos/illustrations are special. It's always a great magazine, but this issue has extra flavor!

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Posted by teresa_mn "----- As Bob Dylan - another Minnesota native sang "The times they are a changin'."

When CDs first came out and were extremely expensive, I was enticed to buy a CD which had all the telephone directories of the entire US on it; because on the ad, it said "If you buy this CD, you will be saving 400 trees".

Remember the White Pages? Yellow Pages? Sear Catalogs?

Wonder how many trees Kindle saves.


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I haven't seen this issue but I'm sure it will be interesting. Regarding reductions of come I still get a kajillion catalogs of merchandise that I have no interest in! If mailing costs for them were increased, the post office could stand to make more money and maybe the catalogs would not be so prolific. And yes I do know mailing lists are sold, but.....

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Judy, for catalogs, use Catalog Choice to opt out, it really works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catalog Choice

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