Hour Meter on Energy Kinetics System 2000

Jimmy27August 30, 2012

Does anyone have any experience using an Hour Meter with an Energy Kinetics System 2000 oil boiler with a riello burner. I just had the EK System installed. I want to calculate oil consumption by using the firing rate, nozzle size, pump pressure. However, I was concerned that because of the Energy Recovery system, relying on watts will significantly over report gallons used, because the system will still be on even though no oil is being burned. Also, can an hour meter be installed on the unit, and is there one that is recommended for this system.

Thank you.

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The only time that using an hour meter on EK or any other system might be nice is if the heating system supplies more than one rental unit and the renter is responsible for the heat. Actually, in that type of situation BTU meters are more accurate.

With the EK using an hour meter is not really going to give a good picture of fuel savings since it will vary through the year compared to a conventional system. The most accurate method is to track at least a year's consumption and correct it for the degree days of the time period. As the weather gets colder the fuel savings will decrease. In summer and shoulder seasons (apring and fall) when there's not a high heat demand, the savings will be much greater.

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