Guidance/experience regarding 24 inch Euro washer

kaismomApril 11, 2011

Because of my limited space, i really do not want a full sized washer.

Miele and Asko both have 2.5 cub ft capacity.

Bosch Axxis has 3.4 cub ft capacity. Bosch heats to 175F.

I have had my Asko for 11 years without any problems and I loved it. I think it has died of old age. Why not try a new brand. I am not brand loyal.

Any thoughts on Bosch Axxis models? Any real experience out there? I only want 220V washer. I am not looking at the Bosch 27 inch models. I do not want them.

I have to have a washer that allows me to set the wash temp. I cannot go back to using a standard American washer using the hot water that comes out of the tap.

I have had some less than ideal design/utilization in my Miele products that I have had.

For example, my Miele speed oven does not do browning well during the Speedcook mode. (Advantium has advantage over Miele on this!)

As much as I like the energy savings of Euro DW, they do not dry well.

Although I think Miele is a good product, I am not particularly tied to the Miele brand. I prefer to have the extra capacity if I can get it. Miele has the larger capacity in other markets, ie England/Europe and Australia. They have not released it here in the US.

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There are several other threads on this forum about the Bosch Axxis and Axxis+ 240v washers with details - basically they're very good, roomy for their size, large door opening, quiet, clean well, and have somewhat frustrating controls that don't let on what exactly the machine is doing at given settings (but the manual and the info we've derived fills you in). Biggest complaint seems to be the large increments between temperature settings - something from 60, 90, 120, 140, 160F choices - something like 75F or 105F would have been useful.

Asko still a good choice - faster spins, built-in models available, no rubber bellows, better temperature control, but smaller capacities.

Miele no longer sells 240v washers in the U.S. They still are overpriced.

Spanish manufacturer Fagor has some 240V washers that are affordable and have 8kg capacity, or 7kg capacity plus drying function (only good 240V washer/dryer combo on US market, LG's are larger but 120V and take 4 hours, slow to heat the water and even slower drying afterwards.

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