Our THREE local Targets discontinued Vaska

larsi_gwApril 1, 2011

:( I was going to pick up a bottle of Herbatergent at target this morning, since I really do like it on towels and sheets...but the shelf was EMPTY. I looked everywhere. Nothing.

I found a manager, and he said yesterday, they stopped selling Vaska, Mrs. Meyer's and CE Bigelow products. He said, that they did not sell & the only "more natural" lines they are going to carry are Method and Seventh Generation.

I wonder if all USA Target stores are cancelling Vaska & Mrs. Meyer's? I could see if 1/3 of our stores discontinued it...but ALL 3!

I love my new Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Fabric Softener. I actually now think it smells better and softens more than Ecover. And now...my Targets cancel Vaska & Mrs. Meyer's. Sad :(

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There's always SOAP.COM

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It was all you "slow" adopters ;)

soap.com - free shipping - why not??

they even have the larger size bottle (64 loads)

would if I could

Here is a link that might be useful: soap.com - vaska

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I better stock up then before it's all gone;-) BTW, at my Targets (2 in the area) Vaska is not displayed with laundry detergent but rather separately in a small section with other natural cleaners (where things like all purpose cleaners and hand cleaners are displayed).

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izeve...same at my local 3 target stores. Not with the detergents...special place. ALL gone!!! :(

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Those rats! I'm really beginning to dislike them. (Don't even get me started on their crappy aisle signs that only list half the aisle....)
Thank god for Amazon Prime.
(Although they still have Vaska in my local supermarket.)

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B U M M E R ! Any chance that Alberston's might keep it? There isn't one close enough to me that I shop there, but I would go in just for the Vaska. I was driving 30 mins to the Target, when I have one 15 mins closer.

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I went to my local Target today - they still have Vaska, 64 load bottles of the unscented variety for $13.99 with a $2 off coupon. I now have two of these in my stash ;-) I like the unscented variety, it has just enough of the lavender/herby scent for me. BTW, if you use FS, Vaska unscented combines very nicely with Snuggle White Lavender and Sandalwood FS. I use only a little and the clothes come out so nice - clean, soft and with a light scent.

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