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happsApril 8, 2013

I had a dryer installed today by one of the big box stores. I had an old, but in good condition dryer cord and a brand new foil venting duct. The delivery guy/installer said he couldn't use the old dryer cord and my new venting duct. I indicated to him that no where on company/store website did it indicate that I am forced to buy a new cord or use his duct. He said he was going to put in a new cord anyways and he went ahead and installed a new dryer cord which he wrote some numbers on and a new venting duct. I asked him if there would be a charge for this and said no. I then read and signed the paperwork which confirmed that I received the dryer I ordered for the price indicated on the paper work.

Why couldn't he use my old dryer cord and new venting duct?
Why did the installer not charge me/demand cash for a new dryer cord and venting duct?
Will I get a surprise charge on my credit card bill for the cord and duct?

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For whatever reason, professional installers' policy typically is that an existing/old cord cannot be reused. Can't say what was the problem with using your new exhaust ducting. Did they use a different type of material?

Cord and exhaust ducting may or may not be included in the quoted sales price, depends on the retailer policy. In your case it apparently was included, or they added it to the price that was quoted to you up-front.

I've always done appliance installs myself and have reused dryer cords in several instances. They're not a moving part that's subject to daily wear-and-tear.

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Was your dryer cord the older 3-wire style? All new electric dryers recommend a modern 4-wire connection with ground and neutral separated. Some new dryers have a ground strap and will allow an older 3-wire cord to work and a few simply require a 4-wire connection. I'd be curious if the big box store had some policy that didn't allow the installers to make the call and required a 4-wire connection for all new hookups.

There's a huge range in quality of flexible dryer vent pipe. The cheapest is all vinyl/plastic and I can't believe it's allowed to be sold. I don't know what quality your foil vent was. Poor vent quality can lead to poor dryer performance when they get crushed or trap lint and inhibit air flow. Did they want to install a higher quality vent?

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According to the tech that installed my new washer, installers here in So. Cal. cannot install a dryer if the venting is of the foil or plastic type. Did your guy install the rigid type of ducting to replace your foil type? Appliance dealers here often throw in cords, flex lines, etc. needed for installs at no charge if you ask them to, but will charge you if you don't.

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Bought a washer and dryer from Sears and the washer hoses were inside the washer and the cord and flex hose inside the dryer, came like that from the factory because the guys took the cardboard off and then removed the parts. Couldn't use the cord 'cause it was 3 prong and our outlet was 4.

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