How good are the Miele front loading dryers?

schnauzerApril 8, 2011

I want to purchase a Miele Front loading washer, wondering if I should get the matching dryer or get another brand of dryer? Opinions?

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I have the T9802 Miele dryer, and I think it is the BEST dryer I have ever owned or used. My Miele W4842 washing machine is great, but I think there are other machines on the market by LG, Electrolux, Bosch or maybe even Fisher & Paykel that could possibly clean as well (but the build quality and longevity will be far less than Miele).

But, nothing compares to the way a Miele dryer cares for clothing. The reverse tumble feature is the reason that I will always own a Miele dryer. I never have to deal with sheets or items rolled up into a tight, moist ball. Miele ELECTRIC dryers reverse tumble from the very beginning all the way thru the cool down. The only residential gas dryer Miele makes is the T9820/T9822. It also reverse tumbles, but not as much as the electric version. I owned the T9820, and it was for me very problematic and a real disappointment. When I switched to a T9800 and then a T9802...for me the difference was night and day. I will only own electric dryers. Good Luck!!

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From the anecdotal reports here and elsewhere, the Miele electric dryer does appear to work better and has higher overall satisfaction than the gas counterpart. I have the T9802 electric dryer and am very pleased with it overall. I'm not too fond of the lint filter. Also, if you stuff your washer to the full 7-8kg capacity and then transfer all of those clothes to the dryer, you will have wrinkled clothes. The dryer cannot dry a packed load without wrinkling, unfortunately. The only solution to this problem would be a larger dryer. But if you fill your washer 3/4 full and leave some room at the top, you shouldn't have any wrinkling issues. On those occasions that you do run a packed washer load, split it into two loads for your dryer.

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