How does this 3-ton Amana AC System match up?

hamconsultingAugust 30, 2012

I really like this particular dealer and he will do a quality install. When I placed the call for a quote, I asked for Am Std equipment. Somehow my request for a specific brand was missed or ignored.

Any help would be appreciated on how well this Amana system matches up. My own Manual J calculation says I need 36K BTUs for cooling and 31K BTUs for heating. Here is the system:

Amana ASX140361 Condenser, 34,600 BTUs, 14-SEER

Amana AMH80603BX Gas Furnace, 80% AFUE, 60K BTU, 2-Stage, Multi-speed, 1200 CFM

Aspen Horizontal Coil CE36A34140R004

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat 5000

I'm concerned about the coil and I can't tell if the blower in the furnace matches the needed 3-ton for the a/c. The above system would be in lieu of the system I really want:

AS Gold SI (Allegiance 13) AC Condenser, 3-Ton, Model 4A7A3036, 14 SEER, R-410A refrigerant

AS Silver XI (Freedom 80) Gas Furnace; 80% AFUE, 60K BTU; 3-Ton High Eff Blower, Model = AUD1B060A9H31B

AS Evaporator Coil, Model = 4TXCB048BC3HCA

AS Programmable Thermostat, Model = ACONT803

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Not a fan of Goodman/Amana brand and do not like to see dealers quote third party coils on brand new systems.


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I'm having difficulty finding a good am std dealer. Independent dealers seem to have their preferred equipment. Most quotes leave out brand and/or specif model numbers. I've had to ask every single time.

So far, I've gotten quotes for amana, Lennox, am std, and working on another quote for am std. I might have to switch to trane just to see if I have better luck.

I'm still on a quest to find a dealer that will install a good ac system at a reasonable price.

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if you ask the contractor to provide you ARI REF number you will get some better luck. Then you can look up those certified number on the webpage
This way the unit can not be mixed up. Read this webpage for more info about them

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Thanks for the tip on the ARI ref number and ARI web site.

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I've learned how to use the AHRI web site, so i can now match my own systems.

I couldn't find the system proposed by the dealer in the AHRI web site with the Amana AMH80603BX Gas Furnace. I need to replace the furnace to a variable speed one like the ADVC80604B*A*. With this change, the dealer proposed system gives me a SEER of 14.5 and EER of 11.7.

However, in order to get a slightly higher EER...I would need to get this system instead:

ARI REF # = 5188443
Amana 3-ton condenser = ASX140361C*
Amana coil = CHPF3642D6C*
Amana 80% AFUE 60K BTU gas furnace = ADVC80603B*B*
EER = 12.20
SEER = 14.50

Original price was $5600 with new lineset, but don't know what the price is with either of my changes. No rebates.

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