What's the difference? American Standard AC Gold SI vs Silver SI

hamconsultingAugust 18, 2012

I'm back with more questions....What's the difference between these two ac units?

American Standard Gold SI is the old Allegiance 13 (14.5 SEER, R-410A, 10-year warranty on compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts) and the American Standard Silver SI is the AS 13 (same warranty, same SEER)...at least that's what the brochure from American Standard says.

I originally wanted to replace the outside ac unit, lineset, and evaporator coils, but now I'm thinking that I should replace everything including the furnace.

House: Near downtown Los Angeles, 1430 sqft with insulation R-30 in attic, but zero insulation in walls/floor (crawl space). Double-pane windows. Thinking about insulating walls in the near future.

Current equipment:

- Rheem 75K BTU, 80.5 Efficiency, 19-years old and still works well

- Fraser-Jonhston AC unit, probably 10-SEER, 24-years old, 3.5 tons (42 BTU), R-22 Freon

I'm looking for a good American Standard recommendation in the mid-level. This is why I'm thinking either the AS Gold SI or AS Silver SI at 2.5 tons, and matching gas furnace and evap coils.



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I don't understand why AmStd has gone out of their way to confuse homeowners with all this Platinum-Gold-Silver nonsense.

There are some differences between the gold and silver models mainly price, cabinet, and sound.

You want the gold series Allegiance 13 condenser with matching evap coil if you intend to keep existing conventional Rheem furnace.

Now if you are considering a complete new system with new furnace look at the Silver XI, Freedom 80 with high effect blower. Same as Trane's XT80 model. I would think the 60 K size would be correct. This has a 3 ton rated blower so up to a 3 ton condenser would be just fine. And if you wanted to, you could upgrade to the higher SEER condenser, Allegiance 15 model.

Add a filter cabinet, new lineset, and the 803 stat or HW mdl #8321.


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Thanks for the recommendation. I'm now better prepared to ask questions and have an idea of what systems I would like in either all new equipment or just ac components (minus furnace).

The bottom line is that I need all new equipment to get better than SEER 13. New equipment sometimes includes additional components like filter, ducts, vents. This is an opportunity to address any hot or cold spots.

If I keep existing gas furnace, then my old furnace is limiting my system efficiency. This is in spite of having to change line set, evap coils, and condenser. I probably would still use same ducts, vents, thermostat, filter if there, etc.

Thanks again for all the insight. I'm by no means an expert, but feel a lot more confident going into this process.

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On a 2 1/2 ton Allegiance 13 condenser with AmStd version of XT80 Silver XI furnace 60 K model, you get 14-14.50 SEER depending on coil selection.

On a 3 ton Allegiance 13 condenser with same furnace as above up to 13.50 SEER. If you required higher SEER for 3 ton, you would need to upgrade tp Allegiance 15 condenser.

All documented and verified through AHRI AC directory.


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