drawer inside a drawer?

kmgardJanuary 4, 2009

Hi, I'm sorry if this has ever been posted before, but I'm not sure what phrase I should use to search-- I'm looking for an organizational item I'll be able to use inside a couple of my drawer bases once I order my DIY semi-custom cabinets. It's basically a shallow drawer that pulls out from inside the top portion of a deeper drawer, kind of dividing it into two levels. Does that make sense?? I'd like to put my tupperware containers in the bottom part and use the shallow inner-drawer for the lids. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can send me some type of link, that would be fantastic. Thanks!!

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Loves2cook4six has it in her drawers. Scroll down a little and you'll see a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loves2cook4six's Kitchen

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Thanks, that picture is exactly what I'm talking about! Anyone know if I can purchase an "insert" like that online?? I guess since my cabinets aren't custom, it would have to somehow mount to the interior sides of the large drawer. Maybe they don't make something like that to purchase separately...

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I agree that this thingie needs a term attached to it, and I have been looking high and low for months now with no success.

So far I have not seen this mini-drawer inside a full drawer as a regular feature anywhere.
So far I have not seen this even as a purchasable product anywhere yet.

I wish I could help you more; so far all I have been able to say just confirms that your search and frustration are shared.


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Rev-a-Shelf makes a smaller version:

But for the big ones referenced in the Loves2cook's thread, I think they'd be a custom piece.

If you have framless cabs [especially ones with a series of holes already drilled] a moderately clever owner could DIY something with mostly sock parts in an afternoon.

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This is often done in an Ikea kitchen. An Ikea pullout is just a door (or drawer front) attached to a drawer, and then there can be other internal drawers behind the door/drawer. In Ikea-speak they are usually called internal drawers or pull-outs.

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Mahlgold - thanks for remembering. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)

It's really VERY EASY to do. Order as many drawers as you need but request that the front piece be put on ONLY the lower drawer but that it also covers all the drawers.

Ours was custom made and the reason it works especially well is that the clearance between the drawers was carefully measured to fit the diameter of the cans we planned to store in there so the drawers are actually very close together. We have three drawers in 15 inches of space.

If you are handy and willing to DIY, order one drawer the depth you want with a face then order extra shallower drawers with out face panels. Once the cabinet is in place, remove the big drawer, take off the front, cut the draw down to the depth you want it, install the other drawers above it as close as you'd like, put the face back on the bottom drawer and you're good to go.

Our drawers have a cut out handle in the middle so you can pull them open. Hardware would not have worked unless we reduced the front to back measurements of the drawer and I felt that was wasted space.

I have similar drawers inside drawers in my spice drawer so as to maintain the kerfs of the drawers/cabinets doors in my bases. I also have a drawer just like it in my office - the original one we copied for the kitchen - although the office cabs were also custom made to my specs.

Look in this picture. The spice drawer is on the left. It looks like there are 3 drawers there and three on the right. Well in fact, there are TWO drawers on the left. The top two are on one panel that pulls open to reveal my spice drawer and 2 "hidden drawers" above that. By the way the bank to the right in the picture isn't drawers at all. It's the cabinet door for our corner unit.


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There was a thread on the forum a few days ago with a similar topic and some more ideas on how to achieve this.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: A similar thread from a few days ago

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Thanks for all of the great advice! loves2cook, your pictures help tremendously-- I can honestly say you have the coolest and most unique kitchen I have ever seen. You must have had so much fun with that!! I plan on doing a pull-out pantry to the left of my fridge much like yours (although more traditional looking since unfortunately we are military and have to plan for a quick resale). How wide is yours?? Ours will only be 12" with an additional 24" regular pantry on the other side, but I'm worried that won't be enough...

I think I will try your advice and order an extra drawer without a front, and then cut down the other drawer so the face fits over both.

Thanks again everyone!

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Our pantry is 12" and i LOVE it. It fits Tupperware containers perfectly and stays 100% organized. In fact, it's impossible to mess it up which is a really good thing.

Here is a picture of the spice drawers open:

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At the risk of pointing out the obvious, remember that the face of the pullout has to sit INSIDE the the box of the cab, not OUTSIDE, as is the norm for overlay and frameless cabs.

With most drawer systems, that means some modifications will be needed. With Blum drawer slides, moving the rails an inch or so back from the front edge of the cab box is probably the easiest method.

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This is significant to first-timers, so I'm glad to see it pointed out. It helps me explain it if need be, to a doubting SO. Otherwise I'm left saying I know it is doable but not able to say how in detail. = Thank you!


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here's what orubis means

We have room on these inner drawers for handles as they were set further back in the cabinet to accomodate the lip that had to be built in the front of the bottom drawer to support and to hold the face panel.

All our bases are 30" deep so these go all the way to the back of the cabinet which is why they are so long

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I get what he's saying... but am I right in thinking that if I order a regular base with a deep drawer, I can probably leave those gliders as they come. I will remove the face of that drawer and cut down the box to make it shallow enough to accomodate the interior (upper) drawer. Then I can put the face back on so it still covers the original hole. I will also order an additional shallow drawer box the same width as the original deep drawer to fit inside the same cabinet box directly above the deep drawer but still behind the deep drawer's face. If I don't want hardware on the inner drawer, I can probably mount it even with the other drawer since it won't have a face. However, if I want hardware, then I will have to put the gliders further back.... Is that right, or just too confusing to understand?! Thanks again for those pictures-- they are a HUGE help!!

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