In search of the not-so-big FL W (&D)

salishsongApril 3, 2012

My new laundry room is too narrow for the big 'new' front loaders. Apparently when my husband planned the room, he measured our 15-year-old Frigdaire Gallery set, but it's significantly less deep than newer machines. Now, I'm having trouble figuring out what will fit. My requirements: big enough for our family of four, durable/good repair record, great vibration control for my second floor laundry (yep, I did reinforce the floor). An internal heater would be nice, but steam not necessary. I really am a minimalist washer...everything seems pretty clean on regular settings. Oh yes, and cost-wise I'm sadly not in the range of Miele (otherwise, a great fit). I like Samsungs, but 32" deep is really just too much for this room. 30" depth is probably manageable.

Any ideas for a more compact FL washer/dryer set? Thanks!

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get a top loader. i have the same problem and the top loader solves it. new top loaders also have the sanitize cycle and can do HE loads.

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" top loaders also have the sanitize cycle and can do HE loads."

Needs modification: "Some" new top loaders do. Most don't. "Sanitize" (higher temp) cycles require on-board heater. Most TL's don't have them.

"HE loads" ? What is an "HE load"?

What a useless post.

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HE load = low water wash and rinse cycles. new top loaders have both low water (HE) loads and regular water loads.

i'm looking at these :[WTW8800YC]-1020630/WTW8800YC/

...but there could be more.

of course your own post was completely useless. just thought i'd point that out.

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I have really loved my front loader. Obviously, it's an old one, and benefits from leaving the door open, but otherwise no problems at all. Except both washer and dryer are now very loud and vibrate greatly, and I'd rather sink the repair money into a new set for the next 15 years.

I think that some Whirlpool Duets may be shorter front-to-back, but perhaps there are others I've missed...or maybe we have inadvertently built a European-sized house without the funds to match! The Frigidaire Affinity is definitely smaller, but doesn't sound like a particularly great washer. Or is it?!

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" top loaders have both low water (HE) loads and regular water loads."

No they don't. They're either conventional or HE rated. "Energy Star" rating is another big deal. You don't get the rating if you use conventional fill volume. None of the machines you linked say anything about it. The other link your provided makes no such distinction.

Willing to be educated.

The HE TL's you listed at least have depth dimensions that would work for OP. Most of the FL's don't.

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The full size LG all seem to be 29 3/4" deep. I've never owned one but It gives you some options.

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When you're judging the dryer depth, don't forget the necessary clearance for the vent exit. Most dryers I've seen vent straight out the back, requiring a 4" elbow to connect to the main outdoor vent line. That pretty much assures the need for 4" of clearance behind the dryer.

I've seen dryers with side vent options if you have the width to spare.

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Thanks all. ManitobaSky, I'll have to give a second look to the LG's...for some reason I wasn't considering them. That number sounds good. Yes, knot2fast, our current dryer vents out the right side, and that's how we configured this new laundry room. I know that there are dryers which do this with an accessory kit. We have plenty of width to the room, just not much depth.

Now I'll have to go back and search the forum for LG recommendations!

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I had a similar depth problem. I went with the Bosch Axxis washer and dryer. Does a good job with no problems and vibrstion is not an issue.

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I have the same depth problem in my laundry room, @islandlife. LG is your answer. I went with the most basic FL LG model that had an internal heater (so no fancy features like steam, etc., but a heater was an absolute must for me) and am very pleased. I've had my set for well over a year now and love it.

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If I were you, I would consider a top loader, in particular a Staber washer (google their web site). This is provided you are looking for a minimimist washer, as you say. You would be giving up the internal heater when looking a Staber washers.

My reasons for saying this is for the compact footprints of these washers, plus the true horizontal axis in a top loading washer. Made in Ohio also.

I don't own one. I own a Speed Queen front loader.

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hmmm, wonder how one uses a top loader with the dryer sitting on top; or is the dryer located as the bottom unit which means the person must be quite tall to load/unload the top loader.

I had a 24" Maytag & when the drain pump went out after 5 yrs, I decided to get a Frigidaire Affinity. The Frigidaire Affinity choice was considered firstly as it was immediately available & was to be delivered/installed the next day from Lowes. Also had considered the depth of the small laundry closet where it would fit nicely when the bi-fold door was removed & sent to the manager for storage; the older standard for the full sized washer/dryer doesn't stick out into the hallway, except when the doors are opened :)

I the depth is 29-3/4 & the width is 27 inches; I didn't have any problems for the width as the the closet was around 40" wide even if it had limited depth; still worked out to have the 10" wide portable cart to store detergent, softener & clorox.

If one doesn't mind a visible washer/dryer, then try for a full size.

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Thanks to all. I settled on the LG 2250 set, just ever-so-slightly less deep, not too many bells and whistles, fair number of satisfied users posting reviews. Hopefully we'll get a good 15 years out of this set too!

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