New Surf Sparkling Ocean Powder Detergent

larsi_gwApril 20, 2011

I always give up on Powder Detergents, since they are messy, and for some reason (besides Persil)..they leave a white powdery coating on the drum of my Stainless wash drum (even though I use 3 rinses and Softener).

I normally think anything from SUN is sh*t, but I saw the words NEW on the box of Surf at Target. Those words + laundry products are like crack cocaine for a laundry junkie :) And it was on sale for $3.99. works. No powdery residue left on my stainless wash drum. Even using Hot cycles...almost no suds. It removed stains from my very active 4 year old, and left my towels smelling so fresh! Rinses so clean...and the smell!! Wow, I forgot how good Surf smells. I used to used in from like 1990-1995. I know it has no "green" credentials, but it will stay in my collection of laundry goodies. I've only done 3 load with it, so I cannot say I love it...but I know after one load if I hate something. It just smells so darn good!!! :)

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I hope it smells better than those damn candles LOL!! If I didnt have 2 bottle of Tide, a box of Tide and a bottle of Gain, Id try it and see how I like it. I will haveto wait till my inventory goes down or I will get thrown out of the house.

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wow, larsi, you are a true laundry junkie ;-)

Is that detergent HE or regular? And do you know if it contains OBs? Enzymes? I'd love to find a good performing and nicely smelling powder detergent without OBs and with enzymes.

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What is OB?

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@ gates1...LOL I Love my Yankee Candles Clean Sheets. I still cannot believe you don't like them. I have probably given then to at least 2 dozen people for gifts, and they are hooked. It makes the entire house smell like you cleaned all day & fresh laundry is everywhere! Different strokes for different folks. I too have an ARSENAL of detergents...but for $3.99 I could not resist!!

@ izeve...Yes, this Surf powder has OBs and enzymes. Sorry. I actually really like enzymes. I would prefer no OBs, but since I have used this Surf on my 4 year old's clothes, sheets and towels...I am not concerned with fading.

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Nerdyshopper, OBs are optical brighteners. Most detergents have them. In my experience, OBs contribute to fading of dark colors.

Thanks Larsi, I also like enzymes but would like a detergent without OBs. So far I really like Green Works and Vaska, but they are liquid and I would love to find a powder without OBs. I will try the new Seventh Generation powder in Real Citrus and Lavender if I can find it locally.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

My fave powder hands down is the Sears Ultra Plus Advanced Formula Powder Laundry Detergent w/ Stain-Fighting Formula it is HE comes in the green and orange box, unless you get the unscented which is a blue box. The scent is extremely mild and barely there. It cleans exceptionally well.
There is a long thread praising it here on this forum somewhere.
Ultra Plus

they also have one that has Oxi clean in it, have not tried that one.

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Thanks ravencajun, I like and use Sears Ultra Plus and I think it's a great detergent except that it does fade darks for me, especially my husband's cotton polo shirts (black, burgundy, navy). I think it's due to OBs. Otherwise, Sears Ultra Plus is great.

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OBs are not biodegradable, are toxic to aquatic life, cause bacterial mutations and can cause allergic skin reactions. It's best to avoid them whenever possible.

Here is a link that might be useful: Say No to the Glow!

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Just to luv it when I had a Maytag top loader (the real Maytag - not todays top load cra$) goin back 15 years. . Surf had a great scent. Have not seen an HE version though.

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