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KappenApril 2, 2012

So I bought a new box of persil and while I was looking I noticed something called persil Hygiene Spuler but the U with the accents :). Anyway its something that I think you put in the rinse to disinfect your wash.

My issue is that bottle is in German and I have no idea how to use this stuff... Anybody have any experience with it and can fill me in? I would also like to know what its made of.

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Hi, Kappen.
I haven't ever used the Hygienesp�ler, but I found a link that may help you:

If you run it through google translate, it has a short description and dosage information. Hope this helps!

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Maybe @Larsi will see this thread and translate for you. All my G/E dictionary has is sp�len --- to wash,rinse, flush, wash up.

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I have the Persil Hygienespueler! It is kind of like a fabric softener, that you put in the fabric softener dispenser...but it does not soften. It is a hygiene rinse. Against bacteria and ickies! It is a decent product, but not my favourite!

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Yes, it's a laundry disinfectant or sanitizer. You add 90 ml to the final rinse along with softener - if your dispenser is large enough. If you have a larger machine than a typical 24 inch wide European washer you have to add more.

Nice story to go along with the sanitizer: first, Henkel sold its Persil ActicPower, capable of cleaning in cold water (as they claimed) and then, some months later, this sanitizer was launched because "cold water can leave smelly bacteria behind" (as the TV commercial said). Now, ain't that great marketing or what? :-(


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I can see using something like this if you had a really bad bug going around in the house as sort of a better smelling version of the Lysol Concentrate we have over here. But otherwise, I'm a bit skeptical about it. If your clothes are still smelly after you wash them, then...perhaps they are not clean after all?

Yes you could always use LCB to completely disinfect laundry (lacking boil-wash capability) but that isn't a good idea with dark colors.

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Here are the ingredients:


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In the Hispanic groceries there is a fabric softner made by Hinkel that is a disinfectant. It is marketed for baby clothes and is baby scented. Suavitel is the brand. Sounds like the same idea minus the softening.

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