Which warranty to take - Sears or Electrolux?

wannaknow1April 30, 2013

I ordered an Electrolux Wave front loader at Sears last weekend and took their 5 year Master Protection Plan (extended warranty which is really only 4 extra years because it includes the already included manufacturer's first year). I read here that the Electrolux warranty is less than the one Sears offers. I called Electrolux today, and theirs is less expensive than Sears.

Sears said they could send someone out once a year for a maintenance check; Electrolux said there is no maintenance to do except clean the soap/fabric softener/bleach dispenser (which you do yourself). They don't send anyone out for routine maintenance, however, if you need a repairman, you are getting someone they chose (although it's clear from the company names she gave me that they don't only service Electrolux). Does this suggest that the Sears-trained repairmen are not as capable as XXX-Hi-Tech-Service?

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to a warranty with Sears as opposed to Electrolux? Does a repairman come faster? Are the Electrolux-authorized people more knowledgeable? Do you think one might be more disposed to be liberal in terms of ordering new parts or agreeing you need a new machine?(I hope never to be in that situation!)

Sears said I could cancel the warranty if I wanted even before the machine is delivered (this weekend). I called their headquarters today and they said either you have to go to the store, or wait for delivery. I am hoping to get input within the next few days from real people who have had real (not promised) experiences.

One last question: the lady from Electrolux said that you could keep extending the warranty while paying the same (or current) price, but not one that is based on the machine's age and anticipated life expectancy (that is, a higher cost for an older machine). In other words, if I understood her correctly, the cost for a warranty for a new machine is the same as if you were extending the warranty for a 6 year old machine. She did caution that it might not be wise to take a 10 year warranty (their life expectancy estimate), because if something were wrong, and they replaced the machine before 10 years, then the balance left on the old warranty would be lost instead of carrying over to a new machine. Based on that, for how long would you take a warranty?

Thanks for your help!

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IMO it's a roll of the dice. I called Elux about an issue with our new Elux oven. The guy Elux sent out (the local company with which they contract their service) was completely useless and it was all I could to to not roll my eyes when he was here.

I called the local indy appliance store from where I bought it, and their guy they sent out actually knew what he was doing. I got an answer and I'm a happy local indy appliance store customer.

OTH, I've read less-than-stellar complaints about Sears appliance repair service, too. Thus, either way it is a gamble. If you spent the money, don't waste time second-guessing your decision. Just move on and hope you never need a repair.

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OTH, I've read less-than-stellar complaints about Sears appliance repair service, too.


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Electrolux extended warranty is usually a little less than Sears, and with Electrolux you can extend the warranty, when the exteneded warranty expires!! Unless they changed their policy, one could extend up to 20 years!!!!!!

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I used to believe in buying the manufacturers extended service. But after Maytag was taken over by Whirlpool they have gone insane. My Maytag refrigerators warranty expired and they broke thier neck sending out offers for their extended service plan. 5 years at regular price was about 1000.00 but I can purchase it at a discount for only about 650.00. Yippee. I only paid 1000.00 for the refrigerator with all the Energy discounts a couple years back. Such a deal! I purchased the store extended warranty of 5 years at the point of sale and it was about 125.00. I might not ever need it and it may not be the best policy avaliable, but at least I wont have to purchase the unit several times with factory service plans over its life.

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