Condensation on Air Handler and Supply Ducts

elf2000August 2, 2011

We live on the 15th floor of a vintage high rise building and had our a/c system replaced this spring. We have one horiztonal air handler in a ceiling which serves the front of the apartment (and is located near the front of the apartment) and is operating normally. We have a vertical air handler in a closet which serves the back of the apartment. It has a significant amount of condensation on the outside of the air handler and the visible supply ducts even though the closet door is open and we are constantly running a dehumidifier in the room. We've had the installer out numerous times and they've made sure that the holes that were drilled to the outside of the building and have been sealed. They insist that there must be a source of warm air coming from some kind of hole between the floors. Apparently, the floors are pretty thick concrete but there are honeycombed air spaces between the floors.

The installer's recommendation is that we tear out the ceilings (which are dry wall and dropped slightly from the original 10 foot height in certain places to accomodate the duct work) and insulate the duct work and insulate the air handler.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Obviously, it's a lot of work and expense to repair the ceilings and we don't want to push the condensation problem someplace else.

Is there anything else we should ask them to look at before we take this step?

Thank you so much.

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Get a hygrometer with dew point (p3 internationl) and measure the humidity levels in the closet and other rooms. Are you running exhaust vents when you shower? Do they sufficiently vent moist air? What about the washing machine and dryer? Locate your sources of moisture and make aure you are keeping the inside below 50% humidity.

The fact that both the exterior of the air handler and the vent grills are condensating says you may have toomuch humidity in the home. Also, how long are the ac units running for? Is it long enough for them to properly remove moisture? Perhaps they are oversized for the air space and existing duct work.

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