Steam vs no steam dryers?

kmicklesonApril 4, 2011

I did a search on this and nobody seems to have asked this. I'm now leaning towards an LG TL Waveforce washer--probably the one without the onboard heater as I so rarely use hot water.

Can someone summarize the supposed advantages of steam vs non-steam dryers? I know it likely varies from brand to brand to some extent, but in general what do steam dryers give you that those without it don't?


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Nevermind. I looked into it further and found info I needed.

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One of the benefits of a steam dryer is its ability to refresh clothing and remove wrinkles. Because steam acts like a quick wash to already-dry clothing, it's able to remove odor-causing particles without having to completely drench the laundry item. Due to the heat of steam, it can sterilize clothing, which is beneficial when you or your children are sick as you can remove germs from laundry items to help prevent the spread of sickness-causing bacteria. Steam dryers are also notorious for removing wrinkles without having to iron. As the steam is introduced to clothing, it works to relax wrinkled fabrics, thus reducing or eliminating the need to iron.

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Thanks, GC! Yes, I pretty much decided to go with the steam because of its ability to refresh/reduce wrinkles from loads which stop drying while I'm not there. (I never iron!) It's worth it for me to have that feature. Or, if there's a piece of clothing which isn't dirty yet but I've left in a pile I can just refresh it!

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I admit I get too obsessed with care labels, but I am really curious about the long term success with a steam feature. It sounds like the appeal is convenience, which isn't an overriding motivator for me, but I can't get over the hump on this one to let it go.

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Rarely use mine, but do like it for "winter" clothes that need a quick refresh.

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STEAM IN DRYERS IS AWESOME. Period. If you hate to iron (like I do), steam is a great way to "refresh" clothes. I can't say that I'm a big fan of steam in washers. I mean, who cares, right? If you're using steam, you're already using a hot temp on your water so what does it matter?

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Want to laugh and learn about appliances? Read my blog!

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My first load was a very large one of T-Shirts and pants and some other stuff. It did seem more wrinkled than with my old agitator machine. And they came out of the dryer, 'Cotton-Normal'rather wrinkled too.

So I put them back in for the Refresh steam cycle and while they were better after, not as wrinkle free as my old Whirlpool.

Today I did sheets used the anti-static modifier button which adds steam intermittently towards the end of the cycle and they were surely better for it. I can see how the steam adds de-wrinklification. But I also wish there wasn't a need. Guess that's what you get with HE: faster spin times save energy.

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I found out with cotton items, it really helps to dry items of the same weight together. If you over dry cotton, it will wrinkle more or if it is a very large load. This has been true for me on any dryer than I have owned and used. Your owners manual will tell you this too. I always wash and dry jeans together, never mixed with anything. This is the best dryer I have owned to date

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i love my steam dryer! i bought my son a dress shirt and pants. i didn't want to press them r/t, i do not own a iron. i put them in my steam dryer and they came out perfectly. i also have a regular dryer without steam. the lines in the dress shirt would not have come out without the steam, although, i could have sprayed the shirt and pants with water before i put them in the regular dryer with probably the same results.

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