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bus_driverAugust 28, 2012

About 2 years ago, one of my 7 year old Trane heat pumps quit during AC season. Cap was bulged. Service guy replaced the dual section cap and all was well until today when the same one quit again. No fan or compressor running outside. Cap not bulged, but a little warm. I had bought two new caps, 35/5/440, after the previous failure. Installed one, outside fan runs, but even after a few minutes, the compressor is not running. So the other spare cap was installed. Running fine now. How often does one encounter a bad cap that has not been used before?

And if neither the fan or compressor is running, did the entire capacitor fail all at once? How frequently does that happen?

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I have read comments from professionals stating capacitors made in China are unreliable. If is very possible a brand new capacitor could be bad right out of the box.

Anything is possible once a dual capacitor starts to go bad. The dielectric and plates of each of the capacitors may be interwined. One cap could take out the other depending how it is constructed.

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