New And Improved Gram's Lemonade!

moonwolf_gwMay 18, 2012

Hi everyone,

The last couple batches that I have made of my Gram's Lemonade have been too sour. My neighbor said her mother, (now decased),used to make lemonade and added the juice of one orange to it. I made a batch tonight and it tasted good even warm! I saw this tip in an old cookbook one day and thought of my neighbor. I can't wait until it's cooled and ready to drink!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

P.S. Our new stove arrived on Wednesday! I'll try and get the pictures uploaded soon!

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I like that idea. Does it impact the flavor noticeably other than the sweetness?

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Cynic, yes other than the sweetness, you can definitely taste the orange flavor. It's very refreshing. I saw a recipe called Sunny Orange Lemonade that was very highly rated on another website. Mine doesn't have the orange and lemon zest in it, but I like that idea.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Thanks, Brad, I love your Gram's lemonade, I like mine kind of tart, but I think I'd like the orange in there too and I know my grandkids would. Plus a little more vitamin C can't hurt.

Congratulations on the new stove, do you like it?


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I thought it should be great. I'm such an overly sweet person anyway that I need the extra tartness. :) I like a lemonade that draws your jaw up and makes you pucker! Keep the mistletoe handy!

Maybe try it sometime with some pureed watermelon or cantaloupe in there. Definitely would sweeten it up. Some strawberries thrown in and you have a good start to a fruit punch version.

When you start marketing Moonwolf's LemonPunch and LemonMelonAde, don't forget to send me a royalty! ;)

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You're welcome, Annie! Mom's used the stove a few times and she loves it! I will have my turn with it tomorrow night when I brown/sear the chuck roast for Sunday's lunch.

Cynic, LOL no I won't forget ;). I LOVE those names you picked out! I'm going to have to remember that about the watermelon, cantelope and strawberries. It sounds really good!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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