Washer won't fill with water

lb1kenobiApril 10, 2014

Washer was working during the wash cycle but after it drained the wash water went through the spin, it would not refill for the rinse cycle. The washer just made a low buzzing noise and would not fill. Any suggestions?

Kenmore 70 Series
Model: 110.22712100
Serial No: CL 1505447

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Suspect that buzzing noise is the fill-valve solenoid attempting without success to open the valve...which is probably stuck/jammed in position. Usual problem is calcified workings in that valve. Sometimes they free themselves spontaneously but it will happen again very soon.

Assuming that's it (very common) you may be tempted to take it apart, chip it out, and put it back. It may work again but probably not for long. Replacement is easy and not too expensive. Suggest do that or have it done.

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Concur: Older Kenmores are notorius when hard water is used

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Thank you for the reply, didn't have the cold water valve open at the wall.

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