Carrier A/C Model 38CKC030-340 repair question

amyf5August 20, 2012

My a/c doesn't seem to be working properly again. I have a long history of problems with this unit and I am hoping someone will have some good advice for me. I live in Michigan. My house is 3500 sf plus a finished basement. House has two compressors and it is my upstairs unit that gives us the problems. I don't think I have ever been able to get the upstairs cooled below 70 even on a mild summer day. Here is some background info:

May, 2005

New construction with new unit (Carrier Model 38CKC030-340)

July, 2006

A/C not working well. Repairman says "too much freon" and "puts correct amount".

July, 2007

Not working again. Repairman says "compressor valves are bad." He installs new compressor, liquid dryer and suction dryer.

May, 2009

Not working again. Repairman adds 2 lb R22 freon.

June, 2009

Working ok. Repairman out for another reason. Checks this unit and adds 1 lb R22 freon.

July, 2009

Not working again. Repairman says "Plugged outdoor coil". Replaces compressor, capacitor, and filter dryer.

July, 2011

Not working "well." Repairman adds "small amount" of freon.

So I am about to call the cooling company back now because although it is only 78 degrees out, I can't cool my upstairs below 72. I think I should be able to get my upstairs COLD in these conditions. Am I wrong? Also, three compressors in seven years???

Thanks for any input.

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If the the tech needs to add refrigerant then you have a leak. The correct fix is to repair the leak.

Did you pay the labor costs for the new compressors? I would be suspicious as to whether the compressor needed replacement. If they did, then it may be due to installation problems.

Have you considered hiring a new HVAC company? This one sounds like trouble. And you should be able to have the upstairs at 72 when it is 78 outside.

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Thanks Mike. The first time they replaced the compressor, I paid just the $300 labor charge as they said the unit was under warranty. The second replacement was completely free of charge. Most of the freon adds I paid for, I think one was free. I have resisted going somewhere else so this company wouldn't be able to tell me that some other place damaged my equipment. I think it might be time to move on, but I want to be more educated before this cylce continues much longer.

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