Laundry Room plan review - framing this week!

aurorasurApril 24, 2013


We just realized our laundry room is super small and that we need to open and combine it with our mudroom.

First drawing is the split room by architect, Second post will follow - it's my chicken scratch attempt to re-draw as a laundry/mudroom combo. The link is a photo from houzz which is our inspiration to combine laundry and mudroom.

In the island or shelves area, I thought we could hIde hampers, or maybe in pull out cabinets (similar to trash pullouts) on the other side to the left of the sink. By the way, the pic is blurry but the small cabinet beside the possible island reads "Broom Closet" which we really need!

It still feels soooo tight! Any suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz Laundry/Mudroom Combo Inspiration

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And here is my chicken scratch attempt to combine the two rooms. Any comments would be extremely helpful! TIA!!

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*I posted the same response to your Xpost in the 'Building A Home' forum*

In a laundry this size, so many times the space is not used as efficiently as it could be. The space available in the laundry room in the revised drawing is deceiving--there is less than 2' between the island counter and the sink counter as drawn--not very feasible--3' should be the minimum with 3.5-4' being ideal. Here are 2 other options to consider. Since you changed the W/D to a stacked set in your drawing, I took the liberty of continuing that theme to give you more counter/hamper/broom closet space. A side note for the pullout hampers you want--we have 3 full counter height double pullout hampers and love them. You will need to make sure you spec 'full counter height', 'double' and 'trash pull-outs' otherwise your cabinet guy will likely order true pull out hampers which are singles or 2 very skinny wire baskets side by side left to right (vs. front to back), with a drawer above that only hold 1-2 changes of clothes.

Using the original door placement:

Sliding the door down & making it a pocket door (you may need to bump the mudroom entry door from the garage back out flush with the laundry room wall):

I really like the original mudroom and think it will look fabulous with the window framed by the cubbies--I'd be very reluctant to change that. It's not often someone has a mudroom they can say looks pretty :-)

Hope this helps!

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I'm a little confused by your scale and your measurements... did you move doors and windows fromt he original architect's drawing? Because I assume your current cubbies/seat are at least 18" deep (even 12"?) You don't show that to the left of the garage door (below on your drawing).

Don't get me wrong... excellent idea, especially to get more space and window into your entryway. Stackables also a great use of horizontal space... but be careful to plan exactly how far out they will extend (~36"). And I do think you have room for a great island (that will unfortunately become a dumping ground, lol) as with a 12' wide room you could have 144" - 25.5" (row of cabs under window) - 36" (clearance between wall cabs and island) - ?36" (garage door galleyway) = 46.5" wide island.

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Co-co, yes my measurements were off. Actually the sad part is we lost 3 inches in framing and accounting for drywall we are actually at 11'9". The leftover 43.5 inches will be allotted to cubbies and the balance to custom shelving and hanging bar on other side. If we can get a folding shelf or island as part of the reverse side of the cubbies that would be ideal.

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I don't know if you've started framing yet, but I have another idea. I'm sure (hope!) your architect has positioned the windows so that they look nice from the outside, so I wouldn't mess with changing their position too much. What I would do is remove the door between the laundry and mudroom and make the opening as wide as possible.

Where the "uppers and hanging" is in the diagram, I would put a large floor to ceiling shallow cabinet to use as a broom closet and other storage. This would be a great place for shoe storage.

I would also consider stacking the washer and dryer and place them where the washer is in the diagram. That would leave a nice counter space between the machines and the sink. Below that counter would be a great place for a few laundry baskets for sorting. This photo is like what I mean, but they are wasting a lot of space with only one basket. You could easily get four baskets there with two shelves.

Contemporary Laundry Room by Westfield Interior Designer Kingsley Belcher Knauss, ASID

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