Poor AC Performance - Bad TXV??

argulatorAugust 25, 2010

Background---I had a Bryant system installed in June 2009 in a 45 year old 1000 sq. ft. rent house that probably is poorly insulated:

Condenser 165ANA030

Furnace 350AAV036060


We had a pretty cool summer last year and never heard of any problems, but it's hot this year :)

On the 100 deg. days the system struggles to keep below 80 deg. Had it serviced by the installer, who first cleaned condenser coil and claimed it was working properly. Wrong. 2nd visit has diagnosed a bad thermal expansion valve. I'm wondering if that seems reasonable, given the problem. The system always "cools", just not enough in the hot hot weather. Is a bad TXV easy enough to diagnose if I have another tech come out??


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yup, really easy. Get another tech. the txv could be defective, or it could have gotten "plugged up" with schmutz if they didn't flow nitrogen through the lines when they were welding them together.

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I am working on a Goodmen heat pump unit. To cut thru the chase, When first starting, head pressure and suctiion pressure are normal. As the unit continues to run, the suction pressure very slowly drops off to 40 psi after about 20 minutes of run time. As this is happening, I notice that the suction pressure is hunting by a pound. I opened up an access hole at the indoor unit and the lines from the TXV to he coils were frozen. Which was expected Could I also have a bad TXV. Any leads will greatly be appreciated.

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