Trane - Read If You Are Considering Purchase

hikkerAugust 1, 2012

You may wish to read the consumer reviews to help Make an informed decision if you are considering a Trane installation. I wish that I had read such before having Trane air conditioners installed 3 years ago.

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You already have a thread on this same issue. Why not add your link to it? I have no objections to your posting your opinion, but this campaign is beginning to look like some crap from competing brands.
And links are easier to access if posted in the URL box below.

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Couldn't be happier with my 13 yo Trane. The problems listed are all under warranty. Sounds like dealer issues, not Trane issues. Is yours giving trouble or are you just whining?

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I checked the site linked. Lots of brands were rated worse. Some were rated the same, Such as 24 out of 56. How can two have the same place out of 56?
And I could not find any #1.

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It seems you didn't get the response you wanted from your previous thread, so you made another to try to steer consumers away from Trane products. Your threads will not stop me, or any other informed buyer, from considering Trane products. Every manufacturer will have a bad unit every once in a while. This is why extended labor warranties are offered.

By the way, I have plans of replacing my current system with a new Trane heat pump in the near future.

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What you need to realize is that people who go to this consumer review site are those who are simply looking for an avenue to complain about their troubles with the product, not give praise to the new systems they had installed. Looking at reviews for Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, and other brands, this holds true. For every bad system review you read, you can be sure that there have been plenty of other systems by the same manufacturer installed (properly) with no issues. I am sorry to hear about your trouble with your relatively new Trane systems, but if you chose to have the Goodman systems installed (as your previous thread suggests you were considering) and they had similar issues, I am sure these threads would be about how "awful" Goodman products are and how you wish you had bought a Trane! By the way, there are 359 "very unsatisfied" reviews of Goodman air conditioners versus 178 for Trane.

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