April Fresh Downy - today's experience

CharterOpsApril 16, 2014

The FS of great criticism! :-)

I was as Target yesterday and passed by the FS aisle and saw the April Fresh Downy and thought I'd take a whiff and see if it was still sweet-tart smelling. Well, it was, somewhat but it didn't seem as strong as when they first changed the formula and not as "sweet".

I took a gamble and thought I'd try it to see what all the fuss was about. Today, I washed two loads using liquid Tide (regular scent) and the Downy April Fresh. I was sort of expecting my clothes to come out smelling like a candy store but they did not. The fragrance was definitely there but not over powering and smelled a lot like the original scent!

Tossed the clothes in the dryer and when they came out, they smelled very, very close to the original scent of Downy April Fresh. It was not sweet, it was not over powering. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised.

Now, let me point out one thing I did do. Downy is already concentrated, and using a FL washer, I use less than recommended. I use the bottom line for medium loads and just below that for smaller loads and never go above the middle line, even for large loads.

I'm wondering if those who complain about the smell are either using a lot (as in the days of pre concentrated) or not using high spin speeds. I dunno, there are lots of factors and just as many opinions about the "new" April Fresh Downy but as for myself, I think I'm pleased and will continue to use it. Yes, the original Downy would still be better but the results I got today were close enough to make me happy.

I just wanted to share my experience with it. After hearing so many complaints, you know I just had to be curious and try it out and see what happened.

Also, maybe at 41, I'm just starting to accept change even though when I find something I like, I don't want it to ever change. Who knows...

Happy Laundering,

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I've been thinking of making a return to Downy (original scent) and now that you say it's changed I'll have to give it a try...again.

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The new Downy is still as strong as ever. I found that using Tide with a touch of april fresh downy in it, smells like the original downy that so many people love. I like it and I dont have to add any softener to the rinse cycle.

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Georgect; it still smells sweet but like I mentioned, I didn't think it was as sweet smelling as a couple months ago. Take a sniff before you buy it and if you think it's not as strong, give it a try.

gates1; I have tried the Tide with a touch of Downy before and I did like that. That's the smell I got when I used them separate. That's why I noted that it probably would smell way too sweet-tart like if you used a lot or even the recommended amount. I used less

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While happy you like it, I find it as nauseatingly sweet and disgusting, as when they first changed it. I found a way to create the Original April Fresh, soft & powdery smell by using GAIN Sweet Sizzle scent booster pellets, but then P&G caught wind that a lot of Internet chatter was talking about how these Sweet Sizzle pellets smelled almost identical to the old & beloved April Fresh Downy. Now...GAIN pellets smell just like the current "April Fresh" Downy.....like chemical Sweet Tarts candy. I hate it.

I've mentioned it before, and P&G will not answer me about the legal issues of the Original April Fresh 1000's of people are lamenting on the P&G website.....The Original Scent was created by a French Perfume house in the 1960's. I have a feeling P&G has lost rights to the formula or scent. I think they tried to get around it by making the GAIN Sweet Sizzle smell like the original Downy, but then they went and changed that too. I am very upset at P&G. I have about 9-10 months left of the GAIN pellets (I went to 5 Targets and bought about an entire cart full). When that is done with....April Fresh Original Downy will just live in my mind!! Bummer!!!

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Whether they smell good to you or not these are mostly synthetic scents made from petroleum and other unhealthy sources. We humans, and especially children, should not be breathing and wearing these chemicals.

The link below is to the official P&G Downy website that contains the most amazing list of scent ingredients in their products. I would encourage all FS users to read this list and decide for yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Official list of scent ingredients in Downy

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read the list and all I can say is that I grew up wearing fabric softener on my clothing, as did my parents who well off in their late 70's and 80's and we survived it. Im almost 50..no issues with being on me. I worry more about eating processed food than a little fabric softener on my clothes and skin

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