Do these Trane systems match up? What exactly are they?

mbwaldropAugust 9, 2011

Trane AC's:



Trane Evaporator Coils:



Trane Furnaces:



First I am wondering what the first furnace actually is. I cannot find it on the internet. Next, I am just curious if these AC's, Coils and Furnaces all match up. I am thinking that I remember reading somewhere how important it was for the coil to match the furnace or AC, or maybe I am just making that up. Anyway, these are the 2 systems model numbers that our HVAC company sent to me upon request. I actually wanted them to send me the serial numbers but they said that they did not have them. Is that strange that the install company would not have the serial numbers? Thanks for any information in advance!

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Both systems are approved matches with a combination rating (condenser, coil, furnace together) in the AHRI directory.

The first furnace is a Trane XV80 (variable speed, 80% AFUE) with 80k input and 3 ton drive. The second furnace is the XV95 (variable speed, 95% AFUE) with 100k input and 4 ton drive.

Have these systems been installed already, or are you planning to have new systems installed in your home?

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Yes they have already been installed, there are several hiccups to these systems. First, the outside AC is not the same, the one outside is a 2.5 ton not a 3 ton. Second both of the furnaces are to be 95% variable speed and the 80% is in a closed cell foam attic space that is vented through PVC and also has a PVC air intake. Not sure if that is good or bad, but I do know that during our HVAC inspection our inspector was very clear that the unit had to draw fresh air from the outside and not use recirculated air.

Ryanhughes, what are your thoughts on this system? What we have paid for on the main floor that has 2200 sq ft was a 95% variable speed furnace with a 3.5 ton AC, I figure we have that however they don't have it set up for variable speed, only one speed. Does a good job as far as I know. Upstairs, 1500 sq ft was to be a 95% variable speed furnace and a 3 ton AC. Upstairs doesn't do a good job at all, runs all the time, it doesn't matter what the temp is set on it stays about 76 or 77 upstairs. Both systems were also to be able to control the humidity because that is one of the largest complaints with closed cell foam, and we don't have control over the humidity, we can see it on the thermostat just con't control it. Would love your thoughts and or advise!


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If they installed different equipment than what the proposal calls for, then you certainly have reason to bring it to their attention.

Below is a link to the Trane XV80 product data. The model you posted above (TUD080R9V3K) corresponds to the XV80 80% AFUE furnace. I think an 80% furnace is fine for an attic install; however you indicate that your contracted for two 95% furnaces to be installed. The XV80 should be vented with metal B-vent. Do you have a 2.5 ton or 3 ton a/c for upstairs installed now? Proper ductwork insulation and design is critical for attic installs due to the capacity/efficiency loss from attic heat. It may not be a capacity issue, but you don't want to be undersized on either floor. Was a load calculation done to determine sizing?

As I understand your post, there are discrepancies between what was installed and what was proposed. I would get this taken care of and also have a thorough inspection of both systems (ductwork, refrigerant charge, airflow settings, installation requirements, etc.).

If sized and properly installed, nothing wrong with the systems you have. The XR13 and XV furnaces are very good products that have been on the market for a while.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trane XV80 Product Literature

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Some observations.

These are variable speed furnaces. Comfort R needs to be set up correctly. Insist on it.

I am more concerned about the switch involving the AC condenser than the var speed furnace from 95% eff to the 80% model. Especially taking into consideration your location. Cooling in Alabama is most important. I would have preferred the 15 SEER model if just for the lower level. However, you paid extra for the good attic insulation.

If you haven't paid the complete bill yet, I would hold back until your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

BTW, what thermostats were installed? Any whole house air filter cabinet?


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Talked to the company this morning. The attic furnace is a xv 95%, it was to be a 80% but we made the upgrade because of the closed cell foam and it being a non-vented attic.

On the main floor with 2200 sq ft is the 95%/100K with the 3.5 ton AC. Is to be variable speed but it doesn't work in variable speed, only one very low speed. Second floor with 1500 sq ft we have a 95% and I don't know the output with a 2.5 ton AC. Upstairs struggles to keep cool. It runs ALL day, doesn't cycle on and off.

The thermostats that I have are the TCONT800 series. I can see the humidity but cannot control that. I am assuming that this is why I don't have variable speed working because I don't have the proper thermostats, correct?

Unfortunately we have paid the bill, however I have an invoice that states both furnaces to be 95% variable speed, one 3.5 ton and one 3 ton.

Next question for you experts, I talked with the company this morning, they seemed open to fixing our situation as I thought that they would be. Not being an AC expert or engineer my first thought for making the upstairs heat issue was that the 2.5 ton just not enough to make it work so I figure replace the 2.5 and put in what we purchased which was a 3 ton. One thing that was mentioned on the call was putting in the new thermostats and having the systems actually work in variable speed. Ok, I can buy into that, but is it going to cut down on the length of time the system runs and if I want can I get the system to cool to 68 degrees? Right now there is no chance for the system to cool down to 68 even though its only 90 outside.

There wasn't a load calculation done that I know of.

I suppose we could get a 15 seer installed if we wanted them to move the 3.5 ton to the upstairs and replace the main floor. The one observation that I have on the main floor is that it does cycle on and off and can cool to 68 even when it was 102 outside, but upstairs on that same day was set to 74 and the temp was 77 and system ran ALL DAY and up until the middle of the night.

Both systems have the Aprilaire 2200 filters installed.

How would I know exactly if I were undersized on either system at this point without a load calculation (which I know is very important). Just a few more adds about the house, house is north facing, has closed cell foam throughout with open cell foam between the first and second floor and between the ceiling and the attic space, we installed Marvin Integrity casement windows with the upgraded glass of low e 366. The downstairs and upstairs east side gets a good deal of morning sun and then in the afternoon the upstairs only get the sun.

Thank for any more thoughts. Want to make this system run properly not only because we paid for it to but with the closed cell foam we don't want any moisture issues.


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