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kaismomApril 30, 2013

I currently have an Asko pair circa 2000. The washer has a new motor ( 1 year old). The dryer is dying. It is making a terrible noise. I have found a used Asko dryer for $300 that seems to be refurbished. I will make do for a while,

In the mean while, I need W/D set that heats water HOT. I would like a 240V machine, if possible. But not necessary. The larger load size would be nicer.


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Kaismom, I just went through a selection process for a new washer and considered a 240V washer. I think your only worthwhile 240V options are Asko or Bosch. Both are 24' European size, so you won't get large capacity (but you are used to it with your Askos). If you decide on a 27' machine you will get much bigger size but none of them come in 240V.

I decided on LGs (had good experience with an LG washer in the past and friends have them as well). Other brands I considered were Frigidaire, Samsung and Electrolux.

So far I'm very happy with my choice (LG WM3070). I only did a few loads since it's been delivered earlier this week but it seems that the machine has no trouble drawing hot water and then heating it up further. I have to find my thermometer to measure the actual wash temps but it seems that the heater works in multiple cycles and does a good job. I also noticed that the "Additional Rinse" option allows you to select up to 2 additional rinses which is nice. The TurboWash feature seems to work very well too (but it does make the machine somewhat noisy if you use that option). I have the units installed on the 2nd floor and there is no vibration from the washer. I hope the machine will work fine with no problems for long years to come (my prior LG washer is now around 3 years old and is working perfectly well for my ex ;-).

So I'd say look at LG, Samsung, Electrolux and Frigidaire. Go and see them at a store and see if you like the feel of them (some people thought the Electrolux felt flimsy). Don't listen to the sale people but do your own research. I basically pulled the manual for each model I was interested in and read it to see if it had the features I wanted. Read reviews on independent sites and do a lot of reading between the lines when you read them (I basically discounted every review that complained about long wash times and the fact that you can't see the water in the tub ;-).

I will do a more detailed review of my new washer once I have a chance to use its a bit more.

Good luck with your choices!

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I had an Asko pair of the same vintage until two months ago. My controller board went and could not be replaced.

I'd had a Bosch pair in our apartment and liked it a lot. To an Asko user, the cycle names are kooky and the water heat settings are based on trust because unless you call them multiple times you won't know what the heat levels are. Bosch does have a sanitize cycle but it doesn't whiten in the same way Asko does. The strength of the machine is its ability to do the synthetics and delicates. The drum capacity is way larger than Asko, another plus. I didn't go with Bosch because I need a vented dryer and they will be discontinuing theirs this year. I had a condenser dryer in the apartment. It did a great job but it got very hot and cleaning the filter was a huge chore.

I went with a Miele pair and I'm thrilled. It's far more flexible than the Bosch (and much more expensive). The drum is also bigger than Askos though not quite as roomy as Bosch. It does have lighting, which the other two don't have so nothing gets lost in the drum (the lighting sounds trivial but it makes a big difference I find). The 165 F sanitary cycle is similar to the long Asko cycles with prewash. I don't find it lacking vs Asko hot temps. There is a heater. There are small issues and mysteries and a fairly steep learning curve for a washer but the superior results and convenience of using it are unmatched IME. As a former Asko user I was quite spoiled by that machine's ability to remove stains. Miele is as good at that or even better. It's also superb on the delicate/specialty side (where Asko fell short for me). One thing I never thought I'd use is the delay feature. I can throw a load in there before I go to bed and when I wake up it's ready for the dryer. Another thing I would have rolled my eyes at but really turns out to be great.

The dryer is nearly as complex as the washer in terms of what can be controlled/customized. I've not had another dryer with this type of flexibility. I can put a wool sweater in there and pre-dry it without issue. I've stopped hanging my delicates and workout clothes -- they can go in and they come out in super shape. DHs casual shirts come out so well they almost look ironed. Forgot. Both are very quiet in comparison to the old Askos.

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Thanks for your feedback on your 120V Miele.

How long does your typical wash take? 95 to 105 light normal cycle takes about 1 hour. That is my typical wash.

my intentions were to buy a Miele 240V pair when my Asko eventually died.

I used the Miele 240V machine when I was visiting our relatives in Germany and I was very impressed with it. Unfortunately, Miele changed the US model to 120V. I am quite disappointed in their decision. It seems as if you feel that that the power difference can be looked the other way when considering a Miele.

I used a washer in Rome when we rented an apartment there. That was a terrible machine. I can't remember the name. It was not a Miele. Not all 240V machines are created equal.

The size of the machine is not that problematic. I have raised (am raising) my kids with the small Euro machine and I have manged fine. I guess I will keep my eyes open while waiting for the Asko to die.

Miele may decide to bring their 240V machine back ;)

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I recently replaced a 240v Miele W1928 with the same 120v machine that rococogurl has. I don't miss the old one at all. The Miele doesn't use that much water, so it doesn't take that much power to heat it or keep it at temperature. A normal wash cycle on warm is 66 minutes and I can do an Express cycle in 31 minutes.

I really doubt Miele will ever go back to 240v in their consumer line here in the US. They lost a lot of sales because people didn't want to the additional expense of installing the circuit in their laundry room and the performance on 120v machines is excellent.

And the drum light does totally rock.

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Richard, hope you will do a detailed post on your new machine as I would love to hear your observations on the differences.

I've only had 240 v machines up to now but this 120 v ($125 to add the plug) is the one that performs best. Funny, no? And I liked the Bosch a lot.

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Well, tell me more Rococogurl, I am trying to take the plunge and have a thread for a small set. Richard has posted to it and has been helpful. I would love to hear more of your story. Why the w3033 and not the PW6065 which is a bit larger, and commercial grade I guess?

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@ enduring. Will post to your thread.

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Oh, thank you so much,

Kaismom, have you got a new machine? And thanks for the thread, it is helping me quite a bit as I do my search.

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Enduring - I answered your questions in your other thread.

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my washer and dryer still work. I think my plan is to buy a 120V Miele when my Asko set dies.

I have used other standard American washers in other people's homes and when I am renting condos and apartments. The stains don't come out and whites get dingy. When I get back home, I am very happy to be able to wash at the temperature that I select.

I just talked to a mom that soaks her boys white socks in Biz to make them white. I just toss them in my washer with detergent and oxygen bleach at 140F to 160F and the socks stay WHITE. At this point, I am not sure if LG/Electrolux with built-in heater will do adequate job.

Does anyone have any experience going from a Euro model to a large front loader with a heater?

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Thanks Kaismom, I just got home after buying a Miele set W3033, and expect delivery in 50 days. Hopefully I will have the room ready for the pair :)

I am working out the details of prepping the floor for my main floor location. The installation manual says to use 1-3/16" (3cm) thick ply to lay down on the floor and fasten this ply down to the joist. I was not going to take out my existing flooring or sub flooring. I was just thinking of going over the top with the ply and have the area finished to look like a small shallow step up, when I retile the whole area.

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Enduring - congratulations on finalizing your plans and buying your new machine. I think you'll be very happy with the W3033.

I'm a little surprised by the delivery lead time of 50 days, but I guess it is what it is. Did you every find out about authorized service companies in your area?

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Thank you Richard, I am looking forward to the installation. I can't wait to try them out. I love sorting laundry so this set will be very useful I believe. I am ok with the lag time with the delivery because my remodel project will take at least the long.

What I was told was that the service with this authorized dealer would be authorized service. I bought a 5 year warranty with the appliance store. They did not offer a Miele extended warranty. Several years ago I bought a Samsung fridge at this dealer and bought the extended warranty and they were very good with the 3 calls I had to make within the first 16 months.

I asked the salesman what type of service provider would be called if a repair was needed. He told me an authorized service provider, that the insurance company contracts with, would be contacted. I have been happy with the sales department and I hope that the warranty will be dependable if I need it. It was in the past.

I did contact Miele about the professional model "Little Giant" and it would have been 4K for the washer and 3K for the dryer, or there abouts. I asked about the warranty options for this set and he believed it would have been 2K but wasn't sure. That sounds out of line, so maybe he was wrong. I just couldn't justify the expense so passed.

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Miele will extend your warranty on the W3033 from one year to five for $249. How does that compare with what the store charged?

I'm considering taking the Miele one myself.

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Hi, the extended warranty cost $250. How did you find out about the Miele warranty? Did you get contacted after the sale by Miele? I asked the salesman about "Miele" extended warranty and he said it was only a 1 year warranty. Interesting.

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The info on the Miele extended warranty is on their website (see link below). If I were you I'd see if you can cancel the store one and get the Miele one instead. With the Miele one they'll make sure that anyone who services the machine is really authorized by them to do so. You can call the customer service number if you have any questions about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele extended service contracts

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Thanks Richard for the information. I contacted my Appliance dealer and they referred me to the product/insurance they sell. The appliance salesman I worked with is assuming that the service repair would be an authorized Miele provider. I called the insurance company and they said "not necessarily". They contract with repair companies but can't guarantee that the repair is a factory authorized Miele repair tech. So I called Miele and they do guarantee that the service will be Miele authorized. So I am in the process of seeing about canceling the contract with the appliance store that I bought.

Of note, the contract I bought initially, was $250 for both the washer and dryer. The Miele insurance is $249/appliance. Did you buy a policy for your dryer?

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The extended warranty companies will usually send anyone with a van who will accept the small amount of money they offer for the service call. I've had a couple of bad experiences with the company that bought out GE's extended warranty business but continues to operate under the GE name. That's why I'm going to go with the Miele warranty for my washer.

I have a GE profile gas (propane) dryer that is holding up pretty well considering that it's 8 or 9 years old at this point, so I didn't get the MIele dryer. Where I live in NY it's about half the cost to run a dryer on propane as it is an electric unit so I've never considered the Miele dryer.

While I think a matched set looks nice, I've never understood why people felt so strongly that it had to be a matched set. A dryer is inherently a much simpler appliance that a washer, and I think that the performance difference among brands and models is less.

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