Washer: Alternative to Danby

oinkApril 28, 2011

After waiting for 6 weeks for a new set of arms, we found out that the spiders are gone too. Repair man suggests shopping for a new washer or another $250 for a new drum+spider, so far we are out $200 for the labour, bearing, arms, pulley and belt. As much as I like the washer, is it time to say good bye? It is 6 YO? Or the new mechanical parts will renew it. The repairman talks about the electrical parts failure due to age.

If we do shop around, any cheap and good washer like the Danby out there (yes, I am going to start researching after dinner...) Bosch are supposed to be the incarnated Danby with an inflated price, right? and Samsung? Or is it possible to buy New-old-stock Danby?

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That $400 Danby that Home Depot was selling a few years back was a bargain, and I wish there were something like it available now. There are a few cheapo small front-loaders, mostly from little-known brands, that aren't very good. There's also some that are as good or better than the Danby but cost closer to $1000. LG has a good one available in washer-only or washer/dryer combo versions, both 110v. Bosch has an older-design, still decent 110v Axxis washer, and a couple of newer-design 220v models that have much larger capacity and a larger door opening. Although hard to find, I like Fagor's FA-5812 (220v) or FA-4812 (the 110v counterpart) - they have larger capacity and a larger door opening than any other 24"w washer I'm aware of - and are the only ones of its size with a tilted drum for easier access. But they're nearly as expensive as the big-name brands. There's always Asko if you have the money, and Miele if you have even more money.

Maybe the best choice is to scout Craigslist and such for a good deal on a used Miele, Bosch, or Asko. Or a used Danby for that matter. I see these change hands for $300 and less frequently.

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If you live in or close to a Canadian city,MABE Canada,division of MABE,-the Mexican or South American appliance giant who invested in GE'S appliance business in USA and bought outright the Canadian CAMCO-GE/GSW joint venture appliance mfg.,- sells the GORENJ made washer formerly sold by DANBY, under the MOFFAT and SIMPLICITY brand names at HOME DEPOT (at least in Vancouver area) and other appliance retailers such as Coast Wholesale Appliances.Not sure of price,I think it is in $600. range

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Actually I'm surprised to see the Bosch WFL2090UC (the smaller, 120V machine) is selling for less than $580 on Amazon and A.J.Madison - I didn't realize it was that inexpensive. This is a well-made machine that, though smaller in capacity than the newer-design 240V Bosch 24"wide washers, holds considerably more than the Danby did, despite being about 2" shorter on the outside measured front to back. It has internal water heating to 160F, easy to understand controls, and decent parts and service availability, and isn't that much more expensive than the Danby was.

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