New AC Unit in rental property

JustaKidAugust 5, 2011

I need to replace the 25 year old AC unit in a rental property I own and will sell in 3 years (will never pay the bill, other units in the condo have real cheap units). I basically want something just reliable enough where I wont have to worry about it breaking in those three years, but dont want to pay a fortune for a high value unit. Currently, my quote is 4500 for a Rheem unit, flushing out the old R22 and everything. The Rheem seems almost too high line for me though. So I am looking for recommendations on a 3 ton 13 Seer AC complete AC unit. Dont want to go bottom of the barrel with like a Goodman or something, but also dont need something that good. The old unit was a Payne that lasted 25 years. Thanks in advance.

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What location?

What type of system?

What size are you replacing?

Post mdl numbers of all equipment being quoted?


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Property is North New Jersey, looking for a 3 ton split level furnace and AC unit. Whole system is 25 yrs old, so I guess I am replacing gas furnace as well even though it works. Not too worried about efficiency as other units in the building have bottom end units, some still 25 years old, and I wont qualify for any tax credits bc its non-owner occupied, and I also wont be paying the bill ever. Meeting with more contractors on Monday and will have model numbers then. Other unit's compressors went last yr and they just put in R22 Lennox 13acx, so by doing a whole new system I am already overfixing relative to others. Thanks

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go with the rheem

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