Frigidaire Model Confusion - Somewhat Urgent

i_m_fletcherAugust 5, 2011

I just had a new central AC system installed after our old one quit. The dealer we went with works with Frigidaire.

He quoted me a system as follows:

FS4BF-060KB 16 SEER 2 Stage Condensing Unit

B4VM-X60K-C Matching Air Handler

I was just up in the attic looking over his work (almost done) and noticed the air handler is in fact:


Does anyone know the difference between the B4VM and B5VM? Hopefully it's just a different year model or something? I'm really hoping it isn't a cheaper unit. Can anyone help me clear up the differences between these units? I can't find anything online about the B5VM!


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B5 replaced the B4 model, it's just a running nomenclature change. So in essence you got a newer model.

When quoting they don't always know of the changes or improvement till they pick it up.

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I appreciate the quick response - that's a relief, thanks!

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