Need new washer - comparing Miele W4842 vs W4802

rrrcatzApril 21, 2011

My 2006 LG Tromm is leaking after every wash now and after 4 and half years of mold/mildrew and medicore performance, I'm ready to go shopping for something that hopefully will last longer. What is the difference between Miele W4842 vs the W4802? From the Miele site, the W4842 has more wash settings and a fancier control panel than the W4802. But is the W4802 control panel (since it is less complicated) less likely to need repair? I'm approaching not so much from the money angle but from the ease of use, possible less repair-prone angle - if that makes sense.

I live in southern California and do the wash for my family and typically do one load a day and 5-8 loads on the weekend.

Also, does anyone recommend the RemoteVision extended warrenty? Does it cover everything (parts and labor) for 5 years?

Thank you for your help!

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It appears (although Miele's website is an atrocity with little understanding of how a functional website actually works) that this is a limited-time promotion that includes the WiFi modules, plus a reduced warranty cost. However, I would speak directly to Miele (800) 843-7231 to determine the additional terms and conditions as in:

"MieleCare Warranties with RemoteVision⢠must be purchased prior to the installation of the appliance."

The W4842 yields more information and is uncomplicated in real-life. The dryer really should have this readout display too (you'll understand this better if you purchase the W4842) but Miele has yet to offer such a model.

Since you reside in Southern California, you have a better service situation owed to Miele's West Coast service center being located in Long Beach.

You also have a 90-Day QC Money Back Guarantee if you do not like your new Miele.

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Thank you Fahrenheit_451 for the response! I found the Miele site confusing as well. I will make sure to call Miele about the warranty. So even though the W4842 looks more complicted, it is still the better model? I'm fine with having more choices as long as the additional electronics don't break more often ;). Prior to my awful LG, I had a Kenmore Elite with electronic and other issues.

I have been a long time lurker on this site and had not found many folks writing about the W4802 - so it made me curious about the real difference between the two models.

I'm in northern San Diego county, so hopefully service won't be an issue.

I am going shopping this weekend to see the two models in person.

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Here is the feature comparison of the two current US models (as of 4/22/11):

P.S. There are some internal firmware programming options that are easily accomplished via the W4842 display should the need arise. I have used all twelve of the MasterCare wash programs; some owners have not found the need. The W4842 displays conveys more useful information IMHO; both will clean as well as the other. Also know that the dryer and washer were both designed to work as complements to one another regarding fabric care.

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I really like the display feature on the W4842 because I like to see how long the cycle I'm selecting will take. This is not available on the W4802.

I also LOVE the 24 hour delay start. I often set it up at night to run particularly long washes (i.e. extra white, extended, sensitive can be 2 hours) so they start in the early morning hours. When I get up they are ready for the dryer - sweet!

I do use several of the Master Care programs.

The comforter setting is great for comforters or bulky items like mattress pads. It thoroughly wets the item(s) then spins it out before it starts washing.

I also use extra white a lot.

For the extra few dollars I think the W4842 is the way to go.

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Thank you for posting the feature comparison fahrenheit. It was very helpful.

Livebetter - I agree, I was looking at the 24 delay start, thinking I could make use of that and it would be nice to see the time of the cycle.

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The 24-hr delay start is a good feature if your utility rates go down after certain hours of the evening. In that case, you can load your laundry and set the machine to start when rates are lower. My electricity rates drop dramatically after 9pm. It's also fun to load the machine in the morning before work and have a warm, freshly washed load ready for the dryer when I get home.

The only Mastercare program I use on a regular basis is Extra Whites. I never have enough jeans or dress shirts to run on their own using those dedicated cycles, I don't go to the beach so therefore have no need for a beach towel cycle. If there is sand or dirt in your towels, a good shake outside will take care of that.

I highly recommend the Miele units. Solidly built to last and well designed. No gimmicks.

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I cannot recommend the W4842 enough. After a few uses, you will understand why so many of us go on and on about the build quality and attention to detail. If you have ever owned or driven in a modern BMW or Mercedes..this is what Miele units feel like! Bank vault solid, limited gimmicks and engineering and attention to detail at it's best.

I LOVE, LOVE the Comforters Cycle in the MasterCare menu of my W4842. The Beach towels cycle is also AWESOME for using as a pre-rinse for kids clothes. I almost always use Beach Towels before I wash my preschooler's clothes. Uses a small amount of water for washing & rinsing. Great!!

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Aside from the additional Mastercare programs the display offers on the 4842, it's worthy to mention it also leaves you with endless possibilities for updates. I wouldn't be surprised if Miele offers a PC update to add or improve upon existing Mastercare programs in the future as they suggest they do. I'm hoping if I bit_h enough i'll get a "Pillows" program one day. It also makes adjusting some of the programmable options much easier. I was disappointed I couldn't get a dryer with the same arrangement.The build quality of these machines you will notice right away. But itâÂÂs not until you have been using them for a while, then take notice of some models in a local store, you realize how much better they are built. Your standards will never settle for anything less. YouâÂÂve become use to how things should be built.

As for the 5 year warranty and Remote Vision package I say YES. I think I paid less than $300 for both washer and dryer. These machines are solid but should they need a repair it's not cheap.

As a side note, Remote Vision can be hard to configure to your network. In fact, the instruction I received were for configuring it running windows XP. I did a bit of complaining to the Remote Vision department since I have windows 7 and things have changed in those operating systems. Five weeks later I received notice additional programming instructions were now available for customer running windows Vista and 7. Do I thinks it's necessary my washer communicates it's status to Miele every hour and in the event of a malfunction, no. But it sure is cool...

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Just when I was ready to go shopping, my husband decided he is going to become a washer repairman on me! (He is a software engineer by day...) He thinks a part called the bellows has a leak and has ordered the part - it is like a $10 part. He says if he can't fix it, I can shop for my new Miele (the W4842). He is being all nice and helpful, so I wonder if it is wrong to hope that he doesn't fix the awful LG.... ;)

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I believe that your husband is correct in his actions. Your LG washer should have provided years of service! I like the fact that he's not accepting that it can't.

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Fahrenheit - you are correct, I'm grateful he is going to try to fix the machine, it was over $1100 when it was purchased in 2006 and it should provide years of service. I was just looking forward to a better, new machine - thats all. We will see how the repair goes later this week.

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