infinity 20 vs infinity 19 ?

ivanpAugust 10, 2012

I have a quote for Carrier Infinity 19 (Model 25HNB9) and Inifinity 20 (Model 25NVA048) . Wandering if Infinity 20 is worth approx $4000 more than Infinity 19.

I am not HVAC "educated" consumer and will appreciate if somebody can help me to understand two-Stage vs Variable Speed and how I can benefit from this in the next 10-15 years enjoying my new Carrier.

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This is not a helpful answer because I am just a homeowner. Unless the higher model makes gold it sounds like a crazy high price difference! I guess if you are in heat pump country and actually would use it a lot maybe it would pay. The hspf is higher so maybe it would pay. I don't know how much each level of hspf saves. Wish I could afford it!

Actuall a neighbor has the 25vna ( same as nva??) which I discovered today because I saw the contractor truck (who i have a quote from) early in the week. I wanted to see how they liked it and what they got. They weren't home but I did peek at the new unit outside and it was the 25vna. I will tell you I was impressed with how quiet it was. It sounded way better than my 17 year old unit! I do see that it is very quiet per the carrier site. I wouldn't pay extra for that though unless my bedroom was first floor next to it.
I probably wont go back over because comparing that unit to what I am considering won't help me, though I might just ask how their dealings were with the install etc...but I probably won't.
Curious to see what the pro's tell you.

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I can't speak to prices in your area but that sounds like a mistake unless there is some other reason for the price difference. The full list price differential between the 2 models is less than $1k in my dealer catalogue. Double check with the dealer, get other quotes. Carrier fall rebates are just weeks away. The rebates could amount to about $1500.

I personally would opt for the Carrier Infinity Greenspeed if I were not installing geothermal.



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You need to recheck your model numbers.

The VNA model is Carrier's new GreenSpeed Heat pump. This heat pump is best suited to cold climates where it holds it's heating BTUs below freezing before backup heat is required. This model's HSPF heating efficiency is much higher than the more conventional HNB model.12-13
versus low 9s.

The GreenSpeed is supposed to give homeowners an alternative to Geo and fossil fuel systems from oil and propane at a lower price but definitely more expensive than their conventional offerings. Of course, the GreenSpeed wants to create this market and replace the failed Hallowell
mdl that held great promise but eventually went into bankruptcy because
of problems and the turn in the oil markets.


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I highly doubt you will ever see a payback by spending an extra $4000 on the Greenspeed versus the Infinity heat pump. The prices difference seems suspect to me. Is the a Factory Authorized Carrier dealer. It seems like the contractor is not interested in selling you the Greenspeed heat pump. Get a quote from a Carrier FAD.

The Infinity heat pump is a 2-stage model the low stage is about 75% capacity of the high stage. The Green speed is supposed to operate at a capacity from 40-100%. This will mean more comfort in helping lower humidity in the summer and gentle heat in the winter.

If possible wait until September for the Carrier fall rebates to begin. The Greenspeed has an additional rebate beyond what is offered for the Infinity. You want a contractor who has intalled Greenspeed equipment.

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To above poster.

If OP is in a cold climate and is currently heating by propane or fuel oil, then the GreenSpeed deserves a look. Put the numbers to the paper.

Savings with GreenSpeed is in heating not cooling.

If OP lives in moderate climate, then I would not consider it over the more conventional model offerings.

Perhaps it would be helpful for OP to identify their location and how they are currently heating their home.


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